Steam Discussion

Talk about the popular video game distribution platform, Steam.


No one will ever visit the mods page.
No one new will pick up Empires and play on the just-about active servers on weekends.
Eternal Silence dead for two years.
Sourceforts dead for four years.

Why even live.

I rarely use Steam, but if anyone wants to add me on it my username is the same as it is here.

Not much to say really, I generally add all my PC to Steam, and when it has been sales... well, you get the picture.

that is all


I was ready for a miracle during the last winter sale and I obliterated any last trace of money I had


Name: BeefJStag (Mactray)



Go add me m8s.

Gaben has blessed you with those seventy games.


If people want to add me on Steam my current username is: Dreysidel the BombLord

I mostly play in TF2/Gmod with a bit of Fistful of Frags and Synergy

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Name: FMKush Terry Crews

So go ahead and add me if you'd like. I play a variety of games.

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I'm MysteriousAardvark

Name: Helryx08 or legopc2010 (Not sure what will come up)

I think my Steam name is just John Smith, or else john_smith11_11_11. I have the same avatar I have here, and I'm in the TTV group if the search feature doesn't work.


My Steam name's Shadezy, if anyone wants to add me.

I play an unhealthy amount of Elsword stuck_out_tongue

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Rumor has it that the Winter Sale starts on the 18th, if anyone doesn't know/is curious.


Steam name: MadCombaticus
I generally play single player games, but I will on occasion find myself in a TF2 game.

Our wallets can't take it.


The Winter Sale hath started.

So... SteamOS is a thing.

It's being marketed as 'PC Gaming', but... it kinda isn't. What do y'all think?

I think it means you double posted



Seriuosly, guy. Really? Why? I can't put up with this crap.

The first post was from like December. If anything, you shoulda just gotten rid of the first one (since practically no one saw it, and the sale was over like 2 months ago).

My Grob! No sense in this guy!

jk /s