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So uh

Is anyone else getting a Steam Machine later this year? smiley

I'm not getting a steam machine, but I may pick up a steam controller. I'm also trying to decide between the Oculus rift and Steam's VR.


Rumor has it the summer sale will start June 11.


I didn't even know this existed.
I'd rather not share my ID, Mainly due to inappropriate content in it, so have a direct link


Hay, my name on Steam is NUG-NUG, it may change to something like Sir NUG of Nug, or something else silly, I reckon you should add me for Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Don't Starve Together, Dota 2 or Portal 2.

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I am Xevins on basically every site.

Steam is one of them.

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Anyone aware that this is the first Nintendo related content on Steam:

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Name: RGBGaming (or bioforceproductions if the other one doesn't work)

Games: 26

They're mostly single player games, but I have enough multiplayer games to make it worthwhile.

Unless it's GTA V, or as I like to call it on my laptop, LagFest V.

Quick question: Is Bionicle Heroes on Steam or am I looking in the wrong game platform?

It is exclusive to owners of a disk for whatever platform.

You gotta try eBay

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Reviving this topic to bring up a serious problem i'm having.

Whenever i try to run to certain games on steam, this popup comes up telling me that my "pc isn't at optimal resolution". It gives options to close it and not to show it again, but i can't click anything on it. It eventually goes away (after 30 or so seconds), but comes back later.

I've tried so many things, but nothing seems to work. Anyone know what to do?

One of your games changed your PC resolution

Change it back in your PC control panel.

Fixed Spelling Error in Title - BioSquire

I've checked the resolution on the control panel multiple times, but it's still what's recommended (1920x1080).

anyone played enterthegungeon?