Sterk (Final version, 2016)

Name: Sterk
Species: Matoran/Toa
Weapons: Axe
Powers/abilities: Enchanced strength, endurance and physical toughness, can’t access elemental powers.
Personality: Blunt, somewhat impulsive and self aware. Very down to earth.
Story: Tough as nails and relentless, this toa roams spherus magna taking on dark hunters all by himself, making them pay the ultimate price for what they have done to spherus magna and its inhabitants.
Quote: I do not crave violence, but this plague must be wiped from the face of spherus magna.

Link to gallery with more pictures

Notes: So, I am finally satisfied with this MOC(which I also consider to be my self moc) and as much as I’ve wanted to just drop it I couldnt, the original idea for it was creating a body more fitting for the 2015 hau, and I have been set on doing so since I got 2015 tahu. Also his story would take place way in the distant future of spherus magna for those who are wondering.


Dude I didn’t know you were such an amazing moccist!
This looks really really good, I love the colours and everything looks just the right amount of beefy.
I would suggest you use the moulded hands instead of the mata hands.
Also what is that axe piece from? It looks like it might be a knights kingdom piece?


This guy looks very well-armored, and really fits the mask. Nice work!

This is really well done. I like how consistant the armor looks, and how everything flows so well together. I also really like the axe. I would recommend using the CCBS hands instead, though.

Very nice. Do you have a back shot?

I read the title as Shrek


He has the right amount of beef just about everywhere but his hands, you could either use the moulded hands as Jack suggested or give him custom hands.
the solid black crotch is kinda distracting too, that part does come in flat silver (although rarely)
I also really like the way you did that bio, clear, concise, and compact.

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He is very sturdy looking.

Rather squat…

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Axe of the people.


I love the heavily armored look of this guy.

You’re right about it, althought I did try using a silver metru chest I didnt like how it came out, specially since the black piece helps to conceal the mid-section part which is pre-CCBS silver.
**Note:**Pre-CCBS silver is lighter than the one used for CCBS.

Also @Leoxandar, not sure if you checked, but the gallery I linked has a couple of back shots.

Ah, better.

Sweat, well built solid MOC.

Lol that name means in the dutch language: strong.
Did you do that on purpose?
Amazing MOC!


You moc?
This is really good, man, I like how sturdy he looks.

This is really good, I like how the armor and colors flow together so well.
One thing you could improve however are the hands, you should probably switch those out for molded hands or custom ones.

This MOC would really benefit from custom hands, I feel.

hes so bulky
i love it

Update time: HANDZ

I wont lie, I was playing around with google translate and felt it fit him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, for those curious here’s a height comparison with titans-return hardhead and a mildly moded vakama

Note: Beforehand forgive the glare in the pictures, its just that CCBS pieces are quite glossy and I forgot to close my curtains. So the hands while not being really functional do add the much appreciated bulk to them and also little bit of expression that is always welcome.


It’s pretty good, bulky solid build, should probably have thumbs. Also, try flipping the lower arm shells around, I think it would look better.

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