Steven Universe!

Well, Blue Diamond anyway. Yellow is still kind of a b****, but at least she was trying to be a kind, subtle b****.


yeah I mean, both of them are still murderous dictators, they are definitely not good people, but I can at least understand them going through the pain they are, losing your sister can’t be easy


Well at least from Blue’s perspective. Yellow is still “Yeah loosing pink was sad and all, but get over it.”

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the reason I think Yellow’s not completely over it is because of one of her last lines in the song “don’t you know I miss her too?” like I dunno, seems a little too genuine, plus they thought they were completely alone, so I think she was serious, of course, not as devastated as blue

[spoiler] You obviously missed the point @MaximusPrime Yellow wasn’t trying to be sly or anything, she was just in denial. Think about it this way, people have many different ways to deal with sorrow. Yellow personally believes that if she gets rid of the Earth and memories of Pink Diamond that it will make her feel better. The more she thinks about PD, the more she is stressed herself. You can clearly see that by the end of the song What’s the Use of Feeling, Blue? YD almost breaks into tears and it’s Blue who tries to sooth her.

It’s kind of obvious that both of the Diamonds are mourning the losses but take very different approach to it. [/spoiler]


I wonder how white’s dealing with it

I actually never thought about it like that. That’s actually pretty cool.

@Middlefingerstudios Well we have yet to actually see white diamond.

Now how about we ■■■■■ focus to the closet full of friends?

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so… I saw all the episodes of the “steven bomb” a month ago, anyone knows when new episodes are coming out?

Next one is on the tenth.


I would like to think that White is trying to ignore what happened to Pink Diamond, facing a cold facade and immense feeling of inner anxiety and sorrow while playing it cool and collected on the outside. Sortta trying to ignore anything ever happened and avoiding anything related to. Through that’s just my theory based upon nothing but the fact we haven’t seen White yet. - Maybe she even considers Yellow and Blue to act like immature brats for trying to mourn Pink? - Maybe she doesn’t miss her at all? - Just a few theories.


yeah I mean you’re right, we flat out just haven’t seen white at all, I really dig that first theory though

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@MakutaTexxidos @Middlefingerstudios

Can we talk about the closet full of friends now?

closet full of friends? do you mean the amethysts? or the humans?

The amethysts. Or as my friend calls them, emotional supportmethysts.

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I loved them and what they did for our Amethyst, I know that she’s always felt like sort of an outsider, but now she has like, an actual I suppose you could say “blood” family, and it was great, plus they could be allies later

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[spoiler] The Fandom calls them Famethyst, I think… Combination of Family and Amethyst.

Anyhow, Skinny Jasper, Carnelian and the other Earth Gems are so… adorable!!! - I won’t lie, I always wondered what happened to them. - Too bad Holly Blue is an uptight jerk…

Speaking of Agates, I updated Fire Agate to be less badly-drawn… What do you think?



Oh my god… I just saw the New Crystal Gems and boy, is it funny. - If you are expecting a story-heavy episode, you will be disappointed… if you are looking to watch something really enjoyable and funny, you will like it.

I loved every bit of this episode… It was just so much fun… I also like seeing Peridot’s metal-bending powers getting better. :3


most recent episode was fairly funny, nice breather after the big stuff that just went down

also here are some SU velentines day cards


my favorite’s the last one


So, new StevenBomb. Any thoughts? (Spoilers below)
Really thought The Trial’s twist was pretty nice; also Zircon’s very likeable, and maybe it’s just the result of rereading Harper Lee’s Mockingbird (5 times but whatever), but that “lawyering”::+1:
Biggest twist? As someone who didn’t mind Lars much as a character, this came out of the blue (or rather pink?):

WOO PINK LARS (Sorry for the pot8o quality).

So yeah, big setups here: will Lars return home? Who killed Pink Diamond (Big hints toward YD and best Pearl)? Where’s/what’s White Diamond? Etc.

well good lord the most recent ones

holy crap Lars straight up died, and all the freaking questions about pink diamond


Finally got caught up. Man, I flippin’ loved the Wanted special!

I’m not ready to rule out Rose Quartz as a suspect for PD’s killer (why would she let Pearl and Garnet think she was a shatterer?). However, if it was definitely BD or YD, I’d point a finger at BD. YD is too obvious, which doesn’t make for much of a mystery.

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