Steven Universe!

I dont think any diamond killed her, it seems way too obvous, tho I do think BD blames herself for not being able to help her, YD seems to be looking for someone to blame, but I think she didnt do it, but maybe, just maybe, pink pearl shattered her


Interesting theory! I think it would be cool to get some more clues in this season.

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it would also be cool if got a time for new episodes

as that cliffhanger was nuts

come on CN

I think what makes it especially crazy are the hiatuses b/t episodes which make them happen more often. I think the wanted special had less of a cliffhanger and more unanswered questions, though.

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well I dunno [spoiler]Lars being stuck on homeworld to me is a pretty massive cliffhanger, like yeah steven’s back


I’m hoping the next few episodes will address the fallout from that. Though I have confidence they will b/c they followed up on other big events. For example, Full Disclosure after Jailbreak; and Log Date after Message received.)

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very true, at this point though, they don’t have a choice, they have to follow up on it

I swear if the next episode steven ignores it and starts just eating ice cream I’ma scream


[spoiler]So I’ve beem thinking about what blue Zircon said in the trial recently. Her words ring with truth, but they just dot add up. Though after contemplating the circumstances, I’ve reached a conclusion. Ladies and gentlemen, I propose that Pink Diamond was shattered by none other than… Yellow Diamond! “But Maximus!” I hear you cry. “You can’t just say something like that without anything to back it up” Well don’t worry. I have more than enough evidence.

First, let’s look at Yellow Diamond’s behavior. Yellow Diamond has seemingly been trying to erase the memory of Pink Diamond. She was the one who wanted to shatter all of Pink’s remaining soldiers, and she was one one who wanted to destroy Pink’s zoo. She even tried to convince Blue to forget all about Pink through form of song. And when you look at the trial, she is constantly trying to hasten the process and skin straight to the execution. And then blue Zircon started to piece things together. She found Yellow Diamond out. But she couldn’t have any of that. No. Blue Zircon needed to be silenced immediately, followed by yellow Zircon for good measure.

Now for the factual evidence. While he was on trial, and Steve Universe/Rose Quartz was describing the events that took place on that faithful day, Blue Diamond made it very clear that Rose used her sword to shatter Pink Diamond. However, as we all know, Rose’s sword cannot shatter gems, so something is clearly wrong. There’s also the matter of how a quartz soldier qould shatter a gem as powerful as a diamond. However, we saw first hand how Yellow Diamond was able to effortlessly poof blue Zircon. I believe that Yellow Diamond arrived at Pink Diamond’s palenquin shape shifted as Rose Quartz, and did something that not even Pink’s most powerful Sapphires couldn’t predict. She shattered one of her own.

And now finally, the motive. What could Yellow Diamond possibly gain from the death of Pink Diamond? She gained everything. First of all, Blue clearly favored Pink over Yellow and White. So if Pink where to be shattered in an act of rebellion, and Yellow where to immediately comfort Blue, she would gain her loyalty. In addition, we now know that the rebellion was started long before Pink’s shattering. Yellow did not care at all for them, and wanted the rebellion irradiated. However, they weren’t a big enough threat to justify war. She needed some way to escalate the threat of the rebellion so that she could be rid of them once and for all.[/spoiler]

And so ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.

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I know this is a theory and all, but maybe it should be spoilered?


Whoops. My bad. Thanks @Political_Slime for the fix.



Lars went from my least favorite character to actually amazing


I definitely consider him my favorite fully human character at the moment, above both Connie and Greg.

Bingo bongo…

Holy crap, Lars is absolutely bada** now. Can’t wait for the hiatus to end.

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Why though? He’s been nothing but a horrible person for at least 85 percent of his screen time. While he has had a few good moment that raised all our hopes and expectations, he just crushes them in the next episode he’s in. And while the last few episodes have done a better job of making Lars look good than previous episodes, by no means does it fix everything he’s done in the past. Lars as a character is not a good person. While he has begun the path to redemption, this isn’t the first time he’s done so. I’m just waiting for the next episode with Lars in it, where the writers somehow manage to make Lars an even worse person than he was before, just like they always have. Also I don’t think we can call Lars completely human anymore.

About Lar’s humanity: fair enough.

I agree that Lars has a long way to go, but I admire how much he’s grown as a character. That’s not to say that Greg and Connie haven’t grown as well, but I’ve long expected great things from them. Lars has surprised me since Season 3, and I look forward to him surprising me more in the future.



so this is how it happend,[/spoiler]

If I would make a top 10 best modern cartoons, SU would be on the second place. I love the show. It is full of emotions and is very awesome. A lot of continuity and action. Pearl is is my favorite character. I think is one of the best voice-acted characters, if not the best. However, I can’t say how much I hate the episodes about the Bach City citizens. I really hate them. I mean in one episode Steven wants to find his purpose, and in the next Ronaldo want to be a Crystal Gem (did I mentioned that every cell from my body hates Ronaldo?).

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wow, episode 11 and 12 were… wow… awesome

stevonnie can grow a beard, that’s weird

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I very much agree with this post, with RWBY being my first favorite.