Steven Universe!

To be fair… Steven Universe started to make some bad episodes.

Very few shows have no good episodes though. There are a few, but not many.

I personally hate the episodes from Dewey wins to Lars of the Stars.

I’m gonna go ahead and repost something I said in another chat. We were talking about Gravity Falls, and how Alex Hirsch actually ended it without the show jumping the shark. That led to discussion about SU, and I said

"SU is sadly falling into that rut I was talking about earlier. I’m not sure the writers have a plan for how the series is going to end, and the release schedule CN is giving them isn’t helping.

It sucks because the series keeps making me think its reaching its climax, but every time, everything returns to normal.

Like by climax, I don’t mean lil climaxes, I mean the final climax, what we’ve been waiting for since they were introduced: the inevitable showdown with the Diamonds. It keeps being teased at and hinted at, but it still hasn’t happened. When Peridot defects? Nope. When Greg is sent to the zoo? Nada. When Steven gets brought to FRIGGIN HOMEWORLD? Nothing. All of those are resolved in an episode or two. The last one is especially annoying to me because there’s so much that could have been done with Steven on homeworld had they extended it to like a half-season or even 7 episodes.

For the record, I’m not about to stop watching it just because of this. I am invested in the characters and the story, and they are doing some good stuff recently. It kinda just annoys me, that’s all."

Pretty much sums up my thoughts on SU currently. As much as I like SU, a good show needs an ending at some point, and it seems like SU’s is nowhere in sight.


I think SU is failing mostly because Rebeca Sugar puts her personal life in the show. I heard that she had a boyfriend, and the boyfriend was black. This means that Connie needs to be some sort of alternative for her boyfriend. Then the boyfriend left her, and I think Rebeca Sugar had a trauma, because the episodes from Dewey Win to Kevin Party are almost exclusively about Steven CRYING and TEXTING THOUSANDS OF MESSAGES to Connie. This clearly represents how much Rebeca wants her boyfriend to come back. Well this is not OK. This is not OK at all. Rebeca Sugar is ruining the show. She make episodes only about the relationship between Connie and Steven, and I hate them!

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There’s one thing for sure, I really need to watch this show!

so uh, episode 18 season 5,

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I hope after what occurred in A Single Pale Rose that we’re permanently out of filler city now.

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You say that, but with the way the show has been headed recently, I wouldn’t be surprised if the status quo returned fairly quickly. The revelations of A Single Pale Rose were amazing and completely changed the dynamic of how we view the show, but how long is that going to last? Look at the jailbreak arc. Look at the cluster arc. Look at the trial arc. All amazing points in the series, but things return to normal fairly soon.

I would love for this to permanently affect the show, to permanently affect the characters, but in the end I don’t think it will change much.


Yeah you’re probably right. Especially given how they’ve handled the various Stevenbomb arcs, where there’s always some sort of personal conflict between the characters that gets resolved in 5 episodes.

Also given how anticlimactic the cluster was after it was built up so much in S2, it does seem like this revelation probably won’t amount to a ton since S6 is confirmed. I imagine what they’ll do is release S5 eps 19-25 as a Stevenbomb and either resolve it or end on a cliffhanger of some sort- then straight back to town shenangians with Stevenenans.

I again hope that isn’t the case, but with how formulaic the show has been I doubt they’d try to break the mold now.

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So after A Single Pale Rose, I decided to rewatch the series with the new context that’s been revealed. I know I said not too long ago that I felt SU was dragging its feet as a series. I have since realized that my feelings on that were inaccurate. The writing of the series is fine, the pacing is fine, the characters are fine. The real issue has nothing to do with the show itself; rather, it has to do with the studio behind the show. To quote a conversation I had with my bud @Middlefingerstudios,

I gotta say, upon reflection I don’t think my issue is with the writing. My issue is with the way CN is releasing these. Watching them all at once, they seem more consistent than they were before. The status quo changes a lot in Season 5, Steven changes a lot in Season 5. There’s been all these hints and nods at what’s to come for ages, and my fears of the show being aimless seem silly now. But since these 16 episodes have been spread across a full year, I couldn’t see it before. If SU just aired like a normal show, I’m not sure I would have had such a big issue.

It’s so much harder to see the big picture when it takes a full year for half a season to be released. An episode where Garnet does lolXDrandom stuff is a great way to show Steven’s growth, but after months of hiatus? It’s horribly out of place.

I can’t wait for this series to be finished, because it seems it’s best experienced binged.


i just want the show to be aired normally up to the eventual finale, whenever that will be

because the way CN has treated this beautiful show is seriously unfair

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Fun fact: When I started watching the show, I thought Steven’s voice sounded familiar. it turns out his voice actor previously had stared in the Christian audio drama (yes, those are still a thing) called “Adventures in Odyssey” (which is very good, by the way). After he left the show, his character, Matthew Parker, was recast. If I’m not mistaken, this gives the kid more acting experience than Garnet, right?

As for my opinions on the show over all… it’s alright, I’ve seen better, but I’ve seen worse. My biggest problem is the extremely sub-par animation on most episodes, and the lack of design consistency. The way they animate outer space is really nice, though. It seems a little too preachy most of the time. What I want to know, though, is how much of the plot is actually planned out, how much they make up as they go along, and how much they steel from fan fiction on Tumblr.

Question: Is Lazule actually pronounced the way it is in the show? I’ve always heard it said “Lu-ZU-ly”

(Also, Onion is severely underrated.)

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Also i adore this show already on season 2and just started the show yesterday befor then I was loyal to the show when it first came out the life got busy

I personally think it kinda makes sense… But uh… Okay.

Though there are too many of these episodes at times

It would be OK if these types of slice-of-life episodes would not be so often.

Tbh the show was built off slice of life.
I mean we have the first season (which arguably can be said as… really cringey and not fun)
And other parts of the other seasons

I think the problem is that it isn’t really a weekly kinda thing anymore.


I consider Steven Universe to be the Gravity Falls of Cartoon Network. It started with slice of life episodes, but in the same time, those episodes contained unanswered questions and mysteries, for example:

  • What are the Crystal Gems?
  • Where are those monsters coming from?
  • What actually happened to the other gems?
    The mysteries continued, with references and monsters in every SoF episode. And to be honest, I actually liked the SoF episodes with mysteries and everything. It actually was what convinced me to follow the show, especially after the ending of Gravity Falls (which was and still is my favorite animated cartoon of all time). However, more and more mysteries were answered. We learned that the Gems are actually a evil species of aliens and that the monsters are corrupt gems. Other mysteries came and gone. Steven Universe respected its structure for like four to five seasons: it starts with SoF episodes, then continues with episodes dedicated to the mysteries, then SoF episodes again, so on. However, this structure lost its magic, and now the SoF episodes once I considered good, are now just pure bad and cringey.
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i want to get into it and like it but i can’t
i tried to watch the first episode but i didn’t like it, why did it take so long to move on to the meat of the story instead of fooling around?

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The first season imo is kinda garbage relative to the rest of the series including the other slice of life’s jazz later on.
Tbh SU isn’t exactly a show made to binge.
It’s good cheasy fun though.