Steven Universe!

i watched the mother centipedle episode but that was all i found that one pretty good though

why is amethyst a tsundere ripped straight out of a shonen anime now

also great screenshot for out of context

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According to the Artbook, Rebrcca Sugar has a chart with all the major events, and then the team has planning meetings to flesh out each season.


So, uh…

What’d y’all think of the SU Movie that aired a couple days ago?


Thought it was pretty great. I liked the songs, the villain, the time skip, and how it all got resolved. I’m hopin’ this’ll be the end of the show since it works quite well as a series finale. Overall the movie was a solid 90 minute episode.

also that Greg+Steven fusion was the best part don’t @ me


I am honestly afraid to check it. Youtube is recommending me as many short clips as it can, but seeing how much I grew to hate SU, I don’t know if it’s worth waisting my time on it.

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I love love love Rainbow 2.0 maybe a little to much. He is my number one favorite fusion in Steven Universe. What do you guys think? I love to hear it.

I liked Rainbow 2.0 a lot personally, his/their little song was pretty nice in Future, also I really like SU Future overall, good show, been watching it from S1 to the end with some friends who have never seen it before and it’s crazy to see all the stuff set up that gets paid off at the end

Yeah you’re right. I hope we get to see more of Rainbow 2.0. :relaxed:

Hey have any you guys cosplayed Steven Universe? I’m planning to Rainbow quartz 2.0 myself. :blush: