Stop asking Greg about 2015!

How many people want to ask Greg about 2015?

I know I do...

But, I'm not going to.

@Chronicler gives a pretty good and clear reason why we shouldn't.

But, not everybody thinks this way, so people have already asked Greg.

Here is what he had to say:

Alright everybody, you've heard what he had to say. Now I think we should stop bothering him with these 2015 questions.

If this becomes too much of a problem, if I may suggest, TTV could you address this issue?

Thanks for reading guys smile


I agree. It's stupid. All it does is make Lego crack down on leaks. Honestly, we probably would have already gotten a bit more information if people hadn't asked Greg about it.


Amen. It's pointless to ask him about the leaks, he's going to reject them until LEGO officially announces the toy line's return.


I feel bad for the poor guy when people keep harassing him over something that he cant say and that he just would like to answer the fans actual questions about bionicle.


Thanks for making this post. I don't know how many times i've had to address this. I even addressed it on that same chat! (For the record, my LEGO I.D. is misterbrickguy).


Some people just get so overhyped............they go a little too far.

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I would hate to see these people when they're angry about a story decision...

Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing them get angry over the story. I always found superfans/superhyped people reactions quite funny/interesting.....

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I remember seeing when you posted that 'Stop asking Greg' comment. I'm not on those forums but I wouldn't ask Greg after he said he can not reply to any rumors of the release. If he did he'd be at risk of loosing his job, how would you like it if someone asked you something because they were curious, and they failed to understand you job would be at risk. We only have to wait 4 months for the sets to actually be released, let's settle down and not badger him with questions.

I must say yes. Seriously, people. Don't heckle Greg. After all he has done for us... drop the 2015 questions. Ask him something that he can actually answer.

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Here's a really good response from Greg Farshtey:


Yeah, I feel bad for Greg in this situation. I wish people would cut him some slack, but alas, I feel that BIONICLE's return is clouding some peoples' judgments. Or perhaps those on the LMB simply aren't familiar with Greg's policies. Most of us have the benefit of having been around during his days on BZP; we're familiar with how stuff works. stuck_out_tongue



What I don't understand is why is this guy constantly asking Greg, if different people were asking the same question and he continuously responded that he can't reveal anything, that I'd somewhat understand. But it's the same guy asking over and over again. I'm not trying to make him look bad but when I'm told someone can't comply with something or else they'll loose their job I'd stop asking.

Seriously, it's not helping anything, it's making someone stressed.

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They should add a rule not to ask questions regarding alleged leaked content.


I don't get it either. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know how to take a hint


Hints? I don't know the meaning of the word. Now if you excuse me I will be ignorantly asking people questions I know they won't answer because their job would be at risk, GOOD DAY SIR! LoLz.


Its unfortunate for Greg really, everyone pestering him.


well, i didnt do anything in the first place, but okay