Stop Motion Discussion Topic

People of the boards!
I present to you, this topic.
So here you can discuss your ongoing stop motions, favorite films and artists that use stop motion, and techniques you use, as well as tips for other stop motion enthusiasts!

To start it off, I’ve been a fan of it for about 4 years. I did a lot of it for 3, but stopped due to school and lack of time. I might start again, though.


I’ve recently started it as a hobby, it’s fun

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It is.
I finally found a way to get the necessary pictures from my camera to the computer, and make it into a video, and then into a GIF.

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I am always trying
to convince myself to start making stop motions, but the lack of patience and equipment is making it very hard.


All you need is some sort of camera, and time and patience.

Everytime I get these three elements something appears, that little something that is ruining everything.

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a sibling?

And sometimes a sibling too.


I’m planning to make a Bionicle serial, story made by me, with voice actors anyone can join just PM me. Also I want to make a canon adaptation from "Birth of a Dark Hunter"soon enough, as I got Nidhiki and much more 2004 sets.

Yes it’s really hard to make one, but it’s fun and cool to make.


I absolutely love Stop Motion. Its such an amazing medium of animation and I have nothing but respect for the people who do it for a living. The amount of patience and skill it requires is amazing.

That being said, I’m not at all good at doing it.

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Haha yeah.

Aw man, I used to make little ~30-second shorts with my Transformers all the time! I should really get back into that…


I helped my friend with a few

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You guys should really check this out and support it

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Stop motion was a ton of fun, and is also a great example of why BioTube has fallen imo. It takes so much effort people lose the motivation to do it anymore.

Well this is quite the relevant necro-post. As a friend of mine, as well as myself and several other individuals are working on a lego stop motion fan series of the She-Ra Netflix series. Episode one is already out, and episode two is under work.

I want to get back into making stop-motion movies, but all my equipment and software are many years out of date now. Does anyone have any suggestions for an upgrade?

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A good camera is always a must, and I’ve heard good things about Dragonframe and Filmora.
Stop Motion Studio is also a very viable option for mobile devices, but I believe the max FPS is 30.

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