Stop-motion fight test

I’m trying to streamline my style and I’ve got one video that’s a bit choppy but here it is.
click right here to see a series of pictures with music slapped onto it

So, comments on how I could improve?


The animation is actually just sitting there, waiting to be made better without you having to actually take more shots. If you up the framerate to about 14 FPS, or .07 seconds for each frame, the choppy bits will be much less noticeable and the characters will appear to move faster. If you want emphasis on certain frames or moments, or even a set of frames, you can adjust the framerate. If you have some moments of animation that you want to be more drawn out, I’d suggest upping the framerate to 10 FPS. It slows it down without completely destroying the quality, although there is a significant drop.

Next up, something you can’t fix without taking the scene over, the lighting. In a few shots, it’s alternating between bright and dark. One way to fix this that I’ve noticed is to get your set up well lit with lamps, overhead lights, flashlights, and phones, anything that projects light where you need it.

Something else that can make stopmotion even easier is to film on hard ground. In this scene, you’re on carpet. Hard floors make it easier to balance characters and even let you do walking animations, which with some characters I noticed was something that was missing.

Past that, there’s nothing huge or major I can complain about. It’s a pretty good animation for a test. Be sure to tell us when you get more up :wink:

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Thanks. I mostly film in my room which is covered in white paint and I’ve got plenty if bright lights, so I just need to utilize them better.

I’ll experiment more with the frame rate (the lack of walking was me being lazy :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Having done stop-motion before, I can understand how much effort went into this. I agree with everything that Ekorak said, but it’s still pretty impressive. GJ!

It very well done but also what @Ekorak.

It’s good I’m not the only one who uses Ignika designs. Anyway, I really like it!