STOP Please!

Stop posing as fake TTV members!!! all of you people who are doing this are trolls and you need to stop!
1st it was the fake Meso Me and then the fake Var…
This site is not a place for trolls so please stop doing this kind of thing!

Last I checked, you are indeed the False Meso.

Or at least you were.

Yup I was or am or whatever, but I did it as kindof a joke but now other people are doing it and that needs to stop

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Impersonation is not funny, some people come here to talk to us and they might end up talking to an impersonator and not understand that it’s a joke. This is a very serious offense, the impersonator could easily get personal information and hurt feelings by just pretending to be us.

From this point on, anyone who even attempts to impersonate us will be banned permanently from our forums and our channel.

We’ll also be keeping a closer eye on newly registered users.

Topic closed.