Stopmotion Voiceactors

hello guys.
i'm currently building up my youtube channel (and i'm too dumb to think of some funny jokes for stopmotion videos), so i am thinking of creating a stopmotion series.
i wrote it in a book version a while ago and i think it's pretty cool.
now...i think a stopmotion SERIES only works with voiceactors and my voice sounds horrible.
without further talking useless stuff, let's just get to the main informations:
1. the story is about vezon travelling in time and space. then he replaces the vezon of another dimension, in which vezon is the emperor of mata nui.
2. many characters will be featured and it will take some time till the first episode comes out, because i wanna do it right.

still i think i should already start with searching for voiceactors.
so... these are the roles i'm gonna need:

important characters:
1. vezon - Nyran
2. hakann
3. zaktan - possibly Nyran
4. reidak
5. thok
6. vezok
7. avak - Matoro
8. nektann
9. vahki
10. takua the chronicler! - Chronicler
11. everyones favourite: HAFU - definetly Chronicler
12. random skakdi
13. random matoran (for screaming, shouting for help and such stuff :smiley: )
14. random toa of air
15. random toa of stone - possibly Chronicler
16. random toa of ice
17. teridax
18. mutran - Nyran
19. possibly antroz
20. axonn
21. ta-matoran-villager - possibly Ketta
22. ga-matoran-villager
23. ga-matoran-villager2
24. po-matoran-villager - possibly Kretta
25. le-matoran-villager
26. ko-matoran-villager - ToaVuhii
27. onu-matoran-villager
28. onu-matoran-villager2 - possibly Kretta
29. onu-matoran-villager3
30. balta - possibly Chronicler's brother
31. dalu
32. piruk - possibly Trollotoa
33. kazi
34. garan
35. velika
36. turaga of voya nui - MaximumWarp
37. ga-matoan-cyborg (yes, it is supposed to be called matoan (half toa - half matoran))
38. proto-toa
39. toa ahkmou
40. chirox

that's basically everything for the first and second episodes.
i know there are a lot of voices needed, but i think some roles can be voiceacted by one person.

that's it for now.
thank's for reading :wink:

EDIT: a good microphone would be nice :wink:


I could do Vezok, but I don't have a good mic

hmm. if your microphone is really bad, that would be a problem, but i think it will be fine. which mic do you have?

I'm thinking of doing a voice for one of the random Matoran. Specifically a Ko-Matoran if possible. Do you have a line I could use to try and work out a voice?

it's the one inside my computer.

well since i haven't written the screenplay yet (only the basic story in bookform (and in german smiley )) i don't have some thing at hand. but i could give you something very quick....
"the thinkers of the matoran fortress are glad to see you alive, adventurer. again the great walls of prophecies didn't lie about your ways...."
don't worry i'll get to writing the screenplay this weekend wink
just try to say this with your best ko-koronan voice and send the audio file the 'swongomongo' on skype

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we'll discuss that via pm or skype ^^

If the mic is an issue, let me know, and I'll attempt to score a better one in the near future.

In the meantime, here's this audio recording.


that was awesome! you did vezon extremely well. i could also imagine you as zaktan (which would be awesome). i'm not sure about teridax, though. anyways, thanks for recording this! i'm looking forward to have you as a voiceactor wink

Well, I can kinda change my voice. I don't just have the one. I'm no Scott McNeil, but I can try.

Wow that vezon was great!
I my self am not experienced enough to even try something like that+the usual lack of a mike. Hope to see this series come some time in the future whenever that is.

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I'm willing to do some Matoran. I should ask my brother, too. He's really good at voicing Matoran.

Characters I want to do: -Possibly Takua (what? I'm the Chronicler, after all).

-Random Matoran. Matoran are my favorite in BIONICLE. I'm not sure about Le-Matoran, but I can do a good Po-Matoran, Ta-Matoran, and Ko-Matoran.

I also have a good microphone, so that should be good. As long as your stop-motion is good...

sounds good smiley
i'm not sure about my stop-motion skill.
i mean, it's better than other stopmotions, but not perfect. but as i said, it may take a long time for the first episode to come out, because i'll redo the scenes as often as needed. i want it to look very good. i don't know if it counts as proof, that it'll be good, but i'll use greenscreens and remote HD-cameras xD

As long as the animation is kinda like the video below, I'm in.


i'll see if i can get a testvideo done till saturday. can you tell me what should happen in that video or should i just make something up myself?

Make it up yourself. After all, your the director and the writer.

However, I have an idea to put forward: Test your walking skills for the characters. Making BIONICLE figures walk on animation is difficult to do, but does no require much to make. I recommend watching some stop motion videos that show walking and running with BIONICLE, like Canister Wasteland 2, MATA (the CBW series) and other animations. Once you master walking, then you should go onto fighting, easing in and out, and smooth animation. Since your primarily working with 06 characters, animating should not be so difficult, due to the potability feature of the characters.

That's just my recommendations, though. Do what you please. smile

And, to be honest, I used to animate. I just don't have the equipment anymore. I really want a new camera so I can make a variety show I planned, named "The Makuta Show."

I'll come up with an audition video eventually. smile



You could just get an audio clip with Vocaroo, it's quite easy, no account needed or anything, and you need not worry about video, or YT uploads, or etc.

I sent you a request on skype. I'll send you the file when you accept.

Can I voice act for Thok?

This is the first batch of various other recordings of my voice for the thing, tell me what you think of them. Which of all of them(Vezon included) was my best!

WARNING: There is a white noise in the backgroud. It is because of a temporary location change. It will not be there when I do the final voice-over, if I am chosen to voice act.