Story: i need your help!

I have a big awesome story planned for y'all and I would like to know what characters to have cameo. The story is set in Mahri Nui, before the Toa Mahri arrive.

Characters who are already making an apearance:

After a mysterious creature attacks Mahri Nui, leaving it in shambles, a team of matoran dive into the Pit in search of this strange creature, known as Red Octavos. Along the way, they meet a mysterious warrior, with a dark past, and the Barraki, ferocious warlords who were banished there many centuries ago.

Feel free to add your own characters who've created, or new characters.

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Definitely Hydraxon.

Hmm... Spinax could reasonably make a cameo. Or a pit prisoner you made up, but I like the idea of a Spinax cameo.

And @Chronicler: Hydraxon's dead. And Dekar-Hydraxon isn't born yet.

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I guess the main characters could stumble upon a dead Hydraxon.

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If you want some humor/irony, you might have them see Tuyet's corpse, and dismiss the red stones in her armor as useless rock.

Oh wait, they were...

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When you say Spinax, do you mean just him, or him and Maxilos?

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Well, at this time, Maxilos is just a robot. He's kinda a boring character. I mean, you could have him if you want, but I don't see it contributing to much.

Or you could include one of the other Maxilos robots (there was more than one.)

Wasn't that not actually Tuyet?

It was Tuyet from an Alternate Universe, with fake Nui Shards in her armor.

Have Photok and Solek in the story they are like 2 of my fave characters

I don't believe they were ever in Mahri Nui, but if I'm wrong, I'll add them.

Good Guy pls.


I think you mean golden guy

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What you need is an army of Squid Launcher Functions.

Something like this, perhaps?