Strakk species?

Hello, mr. Greg!

As far as we know, Bara Magna species can reproduce, but there wasn’t a lot said about that, we never met any kid&parent stuff. I was wondering about one Glatorian - Strakk - who looks a bit different than any other Glatorian, and has a bit Skrall posture. That’s what brings me here - is there any possibility for Strakk to be half-Glatorian half-Skrall? And if no - can half-Glatorian half-Skrall exist, or there’s too much difference between those species to reproduce?


Yea, Strakk was weird for a Skrall, but Skrall were probably outcasts of the Agori/Glatorian species, so it’s very possible

Not exactly, Skrall were kind of different species than Glatorian, and all we knew (Tuma, Stronius, Branar/Skrall 2009, and Skrall 2010) were hunchbacked, and Strakk is only hunchbacked Glatorian we had. So he looks like Glatorian, but with Skrall posture, like a hybrid.

Well, do human look exactly the same? Not really. Strakk has a unique armor, but Surel is also a hunchback, who is also from the glatorian species. The glatorian and agori are organic beings, not artificially made androids, like the MU inhabitants, they could look different than the others. Telluris is also from the glatorian species, but he is shorter, and looks more likely an oversized Agori, than a Glatorian, because he was born to be short. And even the Artificial species of the MU looks different, like the Shadowed One, Tyrant, Conjurer, and Ancient, all 4 came from the very same species, and all the four looks a bit different than the other. Neither of them are hybrids.


Aren’t Vorox and Surel also hunched? I really don’t see the point of this question at all, nor the logic behind classifying something as a different species for the reasons you provided. You wouldn’t call a human with a hunch or scoliosis a different species; the same logic should apply to this.

inb4 Helryx isn’t a real toa because of the placement of her neck


it’s like saying pohatu is a different species because his torso is upside down


The human analogy doesn’t work there. His question is more similar to asking (assuming that Neanderthals are still around in the 21st century) that if one were to see a person with distinctive physical Neanderthal characteristics, it would be reasonable to assume that that person might have Neanderthal ancestors somewhere along the line.
@ToaOfPlastic no, same mistake. If there were a race of characters that were unique in that they used the upside-down Toa Mata torso as their body, then it would be like asking if Pohatu has ancestry from that race (though the analogy still doesn’t work, as Pohatu isn’t a product of sexual reproduction—Strakk is (however disturbing that might be).

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How do you know that he is actually hunchback, and doesn’t have a muscular body under the armor, and that’s why his armor build is different? He may have a large torso, which cannot be armored on the same way as anyone’s. And as far as I can recall you should angle Strakk’s body on a very different way that the skrall’s. The Inika armor on his belly should be vertical to the ground, not on an angle, as it is seen both on every media, cgi renders, and the instructions. (except the trashcan TLR, which character models seems like robots, what directly goes against the canon, as such it doesn’t even matter) and if you put the torso on that way, strakk is not a hunchback, only a different armored warrior. And keep in mind that Strakk could go toe to toe against Malum, whose build is also muscular, but with a different representation.

I agree with you; while the topic is interesting, and it isn’t necessarily impossible or even unlikely that Strakk has some “Skrall DNA“ (many humans have a small percentage of Neanderthal blood), it’s a weird and unnecessary question to ask Greg—not to mention that, as you mentioned, the Skrall torso is as different from Strakk’s as it is from Gresh’s, and the connection isn’t really there in canon. I was just pointing out the error in the other commenters’ reasoning.

Alright Surel-nuva, but 1. Surel is pretty old so that’s the reason of his hunchback 2. Vorox doesn’t count, they’re completely changed. Also, honestly seeing Strakk as a muscular is actually last thing I would say about him - he’s pretty skinny for me, and his hunchback is very marked, not even with torso built but the neck as well. Strakk vs Malum makes no sense here, that’s what all Glatorian did on Arena - guess in 100.000 years all Glatorian had opportunity to fight each other.
ToaOfPlastic - no, it’s not. As Styrofoam said - thank you - Glatorian are pretty different than any Matoran Univere species, as they can reproduce. Even more, Pohatu as Toa Mata may be unique by Artakha’s design decision.

Also, I’m not declining Strakk may have hunchback because it’s his built and that’s all - it’s just a theory I thought and I wanted it prooved or not, that’s all.

@Styrofoam Yep, with Strakk part - maybe, it’s just a theory. But I think asking about possible Skrall-Glatorian mixes may be nice to know.

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Surel is younger than Ackar, who is younger than Raanu, man, age does mean nothing here.
And Vorox does count. They only got stinger tails and claws to their armors, nothing else.

Malum vs Strakk happened on the Core War and in the Exiled’s Tale too, and Malum was said to be a brutal warriory he only lost against a Skrall in the Arena. Strakk was a worthy opponent to him, but Strakk likes to play dirty, like throwing sand into the opponent eyes. You’re against here with someone who literally read every g1 book, Strakk is not weaker than any other Glatorian, he’s just lean. And Tobduk is lean, and yet he is powerful and strong. And Strakk’s shoulder pads are large enough to house his muscles, but the set cannot have them, as you know, lego never produced the natural parts for the glatorian, only the base of their armors.

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Bro, never said Strakk is weaker than anybody, he just don’t look muscular.
About Surel/Ackar age comparison - any source? Sounds interesting. Found only Surel’s age (over 265 000),19,16

Sigh. You folks do realize this forum category is not for debating?


That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks!

I do. I did not came here to debate, I just had a question and I wanted an answer.

I just found this to be amusing, like I’m short, and I can look like a hunchback, yet I’m not from a different species from a tall and lean human, and I’m certainly not a crossbreed lol


Surel is in the same age as Strakk and Tarix.(see the 6th answer on the first screenshot) And Ackar is the oldest living known Glatorian, (see the second and the third screenshots’ 5th answer) which means he is older than Tarix, Strakk, and Surel :slight_smile:


Thanks for screenshots!

And Surel, please, you know it’s not what I meant. Especially it has no sense in human case because, like, except some small differences, there is only one human species right now (and actually there were also Neanderthals, and actually we do have a small part of DNA of those which means we breeded with them). On Bara Magna we have Skrall, Glatorian, I guess we can also count Vorox as a more different, Agori, Zesk, Bone Hunters… So there is a place to speculate.

Anyway, as I do have an answer, I think we can stop that topic right now, with no more mess. Thanks for answers guys, I surely need to check mr. Greg’s past answers more accurately.

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