Strange Art You Did When You Were A Kid

Have you ever looked back on a piece of art you did when you were young and thought “why did I do that? I can’t believe I drew something that ____”
Like this piece. I even blocked out parts because of the kid-friendly nature of this site.

As you can see, everyone here is probably about to die, except for the guy pushing the rock
Share your own strange art you did when you were young, or discuss what was weird about your kid art.
Also, I named the topic tiltle on purpose to rhyme, so please don’t edit it @legomaster1378


I made many art pieces, some of me trying to emulate old shows like SRMTHFG, and some of the other old shows. Anyway I’ll try finding some

It’s a shame I never saved my old artwork.

I drew this Force Unleashed comic when I was 10.

It was wretched.

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All art I made that I don’t like has been either burned or shredded.

Plus, even if I didn’t destroy the copies, I wouldn’t post them for the sake of my own, already low, self-esteem.

I made this when I was 5 and this is what it looks like currently

his name is firehead


Would make a good Mixel TBH


Oh man will I have so much to contribute to this topic once I get those papers out from my closet.
I ain’t doing it tonight.

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S-Squeaverking?.. Is that you?


the original squeaver was firehead



My art from six years ago is horrid

And I still have it in my sketchbook.

Prepare yourselves.

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Well I was young I scribed lines,than at age 8ish than I starting drawing more human and Animal shapes.

They were… Dark times. That’s all I have to say about the resurfacing relic.

You do not want me to post my old art. Or current art for that matter. I care too much for the people on these boards to torture them like that.


I drew the orginal 6 Toa after I got them when I was three.

(I’m still searching for them)

[quote=“Willess12, post:1, topic:10242”]
I even blocked out parts because of the kid-friendly nature of this site.
[/quote]What kind of a child were you


The wording is fine but uh… you misspelled “strange”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edited title -legomaster

I remember drawing some weird stuff. Maybe I’ve got it somewhere.

Also I love barely has contributed any other drawing to this thread yet. @BioRaiders532. @Hawkflight, @AidanBionicle1, come on guys. Make our eyes bleed. :wink:

needs to take pictures of art though

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And then it said stange.

Was this a joke, or a legit typo on your part?

Whoops, I guess “stange” is technically a real word that you could’ve used intentionally. Though I’m not sure it’s appropriate for the Boards…

I don’t know where my mom put it, as such we are still looking for it.

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