Strange/ridiculous things that you thought were true when you were young


I was scared of the mahiki

my dad gave me this in a box of lego as well as

they looked like cyborgs and the first on looked like a screaming old man and the Komau looked like a parylized man wired up to machines, however these masks got me into bionicle and the collection only grew


Time to make fanart of this :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha XD

I always read it as “Waly Disnep”…


I used to think
Nui was the orange bird
Rama was the green bird
Kane was in ta koro
Muaka was in ko koro
NUi was the blueone and in Onu oro
Jaga was the purple one and in Po Koro
Pohatu had constipation
The nuva were Punk dudes
friends were real
laughing made you cough
Pohatu was moe farah
Matau was evil
Lesovik was evil
Ahkmou was mad not evil
Makuta was a toa
Makuta and mata nui were actual brothers
Bionicle was set in the future
Mata nui did not escape from the island of mata nui but a random island
After Toa had finished being toa they could either become turaga or matoran
that turaga became toa for bionicle 3
The hordika were the Nuva equivelent of the toa metru
Bohrok were insects
Voporak was the dark hunter leader not the shadowed one
The toa Mistika were fighting each other in a swamp arena and they became like warriors, Tahu was a knight, Gali was a pirate, Onua was a Frog!
Gali mistika was a seperate character to Gali 01-03 and this was a pirate man then I thought it was kopaka
Pohatu Phantoka had the mask of time
Makuta wanted to time travel with the mask of time
Mata Nui’s alarm clock had broken and the toa had to save it
that stars were a celebration of bionicle and the Toa mata arrived to defeat every old bad guy from 01-10 and that Takanuva killed Makuta and mata nui was battling skrall with the guys from 09
Metus was a skrall in disguise
everyone lived in Matanui and that Mata nui was on po wahi
only ga matoran were female
that solek was a ko matoran, Tanma was a le matoran so on
There were no makuta but those characters were massive bugs
Only ta, Ga, le, onu, ko and po matoran were real matoran and everyone else was garbage from CBW
The barraki were evil overgrown fish
The piraka all hated each other and never worked together and Vezon was Vezoks brother
Thok and Vezok were related
Lhikhan was related to tahu
Nidhiki had a miru and Tuyet had a Kaukau because Lhikhan had a hau
sorry did I say toa tuyet? I meant toa Krekka! that krekka was once a female ga matoran who worked with nidhiki but they joined makuta
Krekka and nidhiki were members of the brothehood of makuta
the rahkshi were makutas sons but who was there mother or
I used to think makuta and mata nui were married, Makuta made a great bride
The toa were mata nuis sons and that they were related
all ko matoran had a looker
all ko matoran suffered from depression
I used to think it was pronounced 1 poo
I used to think it was pronounced Newperu
Maxilos and Hydraxon were related to black phantom
hero factory was the same as bionicle


when i was i child i believed i was a god i even somehow got other kids to worship me


How does one come to that conclusion?

I may or may not want to know the story behind that

It does when you laugh hard enough

Well, he is the only Toa with blood red eyes

They are insectoid though

I assume you thought that her waffle iron scope eye was an eyepatch?

Pretty much summed up half the Bonkle storyline :stuck_out_tongue:

Pridak, Mantax, and Ehlek fit that description


that is actually amazing


life goals


a friend of mine thought the bohrok were birds. tbh i sort of believed him for a Little while


But have you played bionicle heroes

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Well, Kohrak-Kal is half woodpecker


I used to believe TTV Editon
1.Meso and Venom were the same person
2.Kahi was female and Viper was male
3.I used to dislike Prpl because I thought it was like Purple Guy from FNaF and i hate FNaF
4.I used to think ----- suffered from depression
5.I used to believe Eljay didn’t like bionicle
6.I used to believe Venom didn’t like bionicle
7. I used to believe the TTV seriously hated Eljay before I learnt what a joke was
8.I used to believe Varr and Exxtrooper were the same person
9.I used to believe invictus and Varr were the same person
10. I used to believe Invictus and Exx were the same

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I used to think half-life 1 had great graphics and was really realistic

I also thought mirrors were a window to another world, I am still scared of them.

I thought my country was the only place people lived in, I was definetly wrong there

I’m going to diagnose this as insanity.


I thought that at 12:00 (midnight), a giant eyeball tortured any children awake.
I told that story to my friend, and he believed it as well…

mind you, i was around 5 or 6. maybe 7, or 8… somewhere around there.


Sounds deserving of a short story, at least.

When I was first listening to the TTV podcast around the time Bionicle was coming back, I thought Phweff was a 10 year old boy.

Also, in time for New Year’s, I used to think that the New Year’s ball drop involved letting a huge rubber ball fall to the ground.


I’d actually watch that.
I can already imagine a kissing couple get pancaked on the third bounce.

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