Strange/ridiculous things that you thought were true when you were young

When I was growing up with Bionicle, I mostly followed through the comics. Yes I watched the films and owned some of the early books, but didn’t read the books and I didn’t think every aspect of the movies was canon. I also played the console games, but again I knew not every detail lined up.

At the time of releases, I didn’t understand the transition from 2006 to 2007 storyline, and I don’t recall it being depicted or explained in the comics. So I didn’t quite understand how the Mask of Life went from Vezon to the Toa Inika, and then into the ocean.

As a kid, my headcanon explanation was that it was either lost in battle, or more humorously, one of the Toa carrying it off the island tripped and dropped it in the surrounding ocean.

I still don’t really know if it was explained, and if someone knows, I’d appreciate it.

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The mask yeeted itself into the sea and so the toa chased it by going down this long tunnel that connected Voya Nui to Mahri Nui called The Cord. Antic ensue and they end up changed by the Pit water and the mask to survive underwater. This is based on vague memories of reading the books but I think I got most of the details right

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Oh sweet, thanks! I mean sure the Mask of Life has, well, life in it, but a strange decision for it to yeet itself underwater. :sweat_smile:

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We all really lived the same childhood

I used to think that all the alternate forms of characters in Bionicle (think like, Vakama as a turaga and as a toa) were actually different people with the same name, just like how there is more than one James in the real world. :stuck_out_tongue:

Underrated response, their heads move like chickens in that game and it’s amazing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Beacuse 2004 and 2005 were flashback years and I didn’t understand that, I thought that turaga were the NEXT group of toa instead of the previous.

Let’s just assume we all thought this.

I bet Kohrak-Kal the woodpecker also cemented that mindset XD


In 2001-2002, I used to think Onewa and Onua were pronounced the same way, hence the “new” sounding like “nu” in my mind.

IIRC, it’s O-nay-wah for Onewa, and Onua just as I was used to.

As a kid I knew how to pronounce oregano, but I never saw it in writing until my teens to early adulthood in a supermarket. Seeing oregano, I pronounced it as o-ray-gah-no. I quickly learned my lesson.

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