Strategy Games

Anyone play any good strategy games? I used to play Starcraft a lot when I was younger, and I'm looking into getting Supreme Commander.

FTL. Nuff said.

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Is that really a strategy game? It seems more like it's own thing

Well, you can pause the game to allow you to plan out your next attack/maneuver, so it makes me think of turn based strategy a bit.

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I enjoy RTS games like Command & Conquer.

I've played a lot of the Command and Conquer games (fond memories of Red Alert 1 & 2) and I have basically every Age of Empires game. Never really got into Starcraft or Warcraft, but I've had Warcraft III for many years now and it's a very interesting game (nowadays I only use it to look at the latest DotA map though stuck_out_tongue)

Edit: wow how did I forget Civilization, I've played a ton of Civilization II in the last almost nine years now, also got some time spent in Civ V but far from the amount spent in Civ II. I have Civ III and IV but I haven't tried them out yet.


I used to play some Age of Empires II back in the today (on the PS2, I kid you not). Hm, maybe should I install the HD rerelease...

Civilization 5 and 4, XCom: Enemy Unknown/Within, Crusader Kings 2, etc.

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I have found the board of my people!
I've been playing Age of Empires and Command and Conquer since I've been able to move a mouse around a desk, and more recently rather enjoy the Civilization games, as well as XCOM EU. I just recently got Crusader Kings 2 and am absolutely TERRIBLE at it so far, but if I can just figure out how to things properly I'll finally be able to channel my inner Tzeentch...

Speaking of which, I'm kinda surprised I haven't seen Dawn of War here yet, so I get to bring something original to this topic! And Homeworld, which I would recommend anyone reading this topic look into!

The first RTS game, to my knowledge, to feature full 3D strategic combat!
A game I have been playing since before I could READ... I THINK...
And they are making what is essentially a remastered edition, which will be released on steam on the 25th!
weeps manly tears

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Are there anybody who would be interested in a StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm 4v4?
Or I could make a topic sepecifically for this... Is it OK for you?

Command and Conquer (Red Alert 2, Tiberium Wars, Kanes Wrath, Red Alert 3)
Age of Empires 2
Civilization 4,5

C&C, Civ, XCOM 2, Fire Emblem, Starcraft 2, Advance wars… I could go on and on.

I’ve only played the SMT DeSu series myself. I also like Pikmin for the story and weirdness.