Struggling on making a custom torso.

I haven't been counting, but I've spent at least over 10 hours in the past week and a half trying to make a good torso design. I came up with a strong center piece but I have no idea how to add armor without it making it look too bulky, having random gaps in the torso, or getting an undefined chest. Hopefully whoever sees this can possibly help out a little bit? I'm not sure what to ask though. If anyone could give me a few tips I'd be so appreciative because I've spent days trying to come up with a design that I'm satisfied with. Thank you in advance :slight_smile: oh btw I'm Pok├ęGen Plus I haven't introduced myself yet.


Could you provide some pictures so we know what we're working with?. Once we have some visuals we can do our best to help you out.


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I would also check some topic like this:

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I'd say start with the armor and see how wide you want your shoulders, then the rest kinda just follows.