Stubby 5-legged crawler

This cave-dwelling insectoid is very rare and constantly hunted by predators and hunters, for the taste of it can give temporary supernatural abilities. It uses its razor-sharp forelegs to protect itself and is an exceptional fighter, but an influx of predators in recent years has driven this species to endangerment.



Really cool, man!

This could almost be a real creature. Nicely done!

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So simple…yet so awesome!
I really like the leg choice and the color scheme is top tier, perhaps the grey ball joints could go away but other than that, really awesome!

Doesn’t look stubby to me. I really like it, however.

Looks like its got static tail rather than a fifth leg…

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And people thought Ketar DIDN’T come with useful parts…

This is very creative, so alien.

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It looks very interesting. I like it

I really like it. It’s adorable but looks like it can fight. My main grievances really come with the lack of cohesion on the sides of the torso. I also am not a fan of the couple dozen mini balljoint pieces.

And what’s with that tan pin at the back?

I like it, it just needs some simple yet crucial changes to look just right.

Looks pretty good.
Too many ball joints.

Really like it