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Welcome to the Unfinished MOC Game!

The rules are fairly simple: I’ve started to build a MOC in, and your job, should you want to participate, is to complete it. This is how it works: I’ve included pictures of part of a MOC below. One person should write “RESERVED” below this post if they want to add to the MOC, recreate the unfinished MOC in, make some changes, post the file and optionally, post a screenshot(s) of their changes. Then the next person will do the same thing. If all goes according to plan, we’ll eventually have a completed character, who we will come up with a name for at the end!

.Things to keep in mind:

  • Each person is allowed to add 1-7 (I changed it from 1-4) parts
  • You can change the color or position of any previously made parts, but it will count as one of your 7 changes
  • After you’ve made your changes, you must wait for 2 other people to make changes, before editing the MOC again
  • Please refrain from suggesting what additions people should make. I think one of the fun parts of the game will be be seeing how people interpret unfinished parts of the MOC and build upon them however they see fit.
  • Please include the names of the parts you used so that people can recreate the MOCs more easily

Here is the beginning of the unfinished MOC:

Let me know if you have any questions. I really hope this goes smoothly


If I had on my computer I would’ve added a size 3 axle through the glatorian neck, placed two more glatorian necks on either side, and added small HF beast feet :laughing:

Then it will be chibi Core Hunter :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all, cool idea.
Second of all here we go:
Here is the file. I also think a rule should be made about it, so everyone posts the file.
A question: can a person post changes to the MOC more than once, in a period of time? Like can I post once more tomorrow/day after tomorrow?


Alright I’ll add that to the rules

You can post changes any time you want (today, tomorrow, next week, etc…) as long as two people go before you. I might change that rule though, if not a lot of people go here.

Finally, a MOC contest I can actually participate in. I guess I’ll submit my modifications and file, I used no more than the four piece limit that you specified. (Please check the bottom image.)


I decided to fill up the socket Lesnichy included, now the MOC has an articulating spinal appendage, the next editor can feel free to extend it or connect a weapon or do as they please as long as they are following the rules. Can’t wait to see the next step!

Edit: Almost forgot to include the download link;

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At what angle is the mata arm piece? allowed the connection so I think it should be fine and won’t hinder any articulation.

Angles of movable/rotating parts cannot be changed too? Or I am misreading?

@Lesnichiy You can move/rotate parts that you are adding, but can’t move any parts that are already on the MOC.

My additions:

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 1.23.05 PM

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Can you make it so you need to show what the parts are called? Because I’m new to and I need to know what the pieces are called to find them.

Yes, I’ll do that.

I’m also quite new to Studio (started about a week ago), so if anyone has any suggestions on how to make this process better, let me know!

I think that If you get the piece names, than people can go back and refer to the original images and we don’t need to do the hassle of making the file.


There’s a bar on the right that can help you identify pieces by just clicking on one of them,’s got a great UI.


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Yeah, I was asking people to post that. It makes it easier to find the parts you’re looking for.


Also something fun to do after the MOC’s been finished would be all of the participators agreeing on a name for said MOC. Also is there a certain part count that needs to be fulfilled so the MOC will meet the criteria for completion?

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Yeah, I like the naming idea.

I think we’ll stop working on the MOC once we all agree that there isn’t much more progress to be made. Then if people want to, we can start a new MOC.

Also @Cordax, I added the part names

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EDIT: @Atobe_Brick heres a thing:

EDIT EDIT: I hadn’t known how to screen slip before so I rendered it.


What are those axles in the background? Extra pieces?

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I am back.
Just trying to keep it symmetrical. Also the guy gets really creepy.
File can be found here.
No new parts were used.

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