Stuff You Currently Want to Buy

I’m probably going to get Star Wars Dark Forces and Battlefront II 2005


Good luck then

So this is a bit more long term, but I want to get a full suit of medieval plate armor. Ever since middle school I've had a dream of showing up to school wearing an actual suit of knight armor, and I realize now that if I really commit to it, I could actually make it happen.


that's like my goal of dressing like Doctor Who (matt smith, david Tennant, and Peter Capaldi on a rotation) most days in a week....

I just need red converses, a tweed jacket, a trench coat, and some other stuffs.

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Wait Dr. Who wears Chuck Taylors? makes dr who my new favorite show :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh my god this looks so cool ! what is the figure's name ?

I'm currently looking at Arturia's Drumbrute Impact (drum machine) and KeyStep (midi keyboard) at the moment.

After that, I want to look into video and streaming equipment so I can start making low-budget music videos.

So I recently found out that this exists

and its something that I really want to get. It costs about 50 dollars but personally I don't really mind that. Though it did occur to me that I could get the S.H Figurats version for about 35 dollars more.

If I'm gonna get a Shenron, I'm only getting one. Price isn't really a concern for either one, though I'm still not entirely sure which one to go for.


go for the S.h. figuarts, it's gonna be better....

and I think I see a couple of joints, too.
it's worth it.

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A car. Preferably a Honda

Which model of Honda?

Not sure. I’m not in the market yet but next year I’ll need a car

Oh boy. Straddle in boys. We have a lot on my wish list today.

Man. This is epic.

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That feel when I'm ready to get the collector's edition for a game I'm really hyped for, but it's only for Japan...

Guess I'll wait to see if the Deluxe Edition gets a physical release...

I currently found somone who is selling all sets from 2009 at a good price. Ok, not really all. Just all the glatorians , glatorians legends and the agori

I plan on grabbing Solo today

What solo? Do you mean the minifigure?

Solo is the Han Solo spin-off film from earlier this year.

Also, are the sets complete in that 2009 listing?

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Yep they are. I just messaged the seller for them