Stuff You Currently Want to Buy

Alright. Here’s my current and complete Transformers want list. Vaugley in the order I plan to get them.

First PoTP Nemesis Prime because I really want him and I’m really close to affording him.

Then PoTP Sludge because I FINALLY found him for a good price. He’s the last figure I need for my PoTP Dinobot team and I’m excited to finally finish it off.

PoTP Predaking I’ll get either for Christmas or my birthday, which I’m excited for.

Platinum Edition Predaking is something I’ve been wanting for years, and I’m finally going to get him. Most likely with the money I get for my grades at the end of the semester.

Trianix Alpha because he’s awesome and affordable.

And Maketoys Quantron for the same reasons.

And two additional items.

There’s this amazing yet simply upgrade fro PoTP Predaking. It’ll likely be fairly cheep, so I’ll get it as soon as it comes out.

And second is Unite Warriors Superion. Its about 135, which I think is worth it, but I’m still kinda on the fence about it.

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I only just realised that it ships from England. I might need to pick that up…

sorry @LegoDavid

No you don’t! It’s mine! I saw the listing first. You can easily find something else. Also, I see no reason buying a set you don’t really want, just because it ships from England.

But I do want it. I have a secret love for Racers.

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Please… Let me have it… Just…this time…I will never find a better opportunity…

Wow, how kids are fighting over some toys…


The only way to get it is to outbid him. Sry m8

Yep. I’ve heard there are even programs that automatically put in a higher bid if someone outbids you. It’s why I ussually try to hunt down “buy now” sales.


Well, I’ve looked at reviews for it, and my opinion has changed a lot.

It’s all yours, @LegoDavid.

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Thanks, I really appreciate. I just hope I am not outbid at the last minute.

Good luck. That last half hour it’s up you basically have to do nothing but keep track in order to track and make sure you still have the highest bid. I’ve been outbid with only a minute left before so I’m not joking; its basically A miracle I own the pr in space Astro megazord.


My roommate just informed me he’s on cyber Monday sale for only 32.

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Holy crap! That’s awesome! Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

No problem. I just ordered two; one for him since he can pay me back and one fir me.

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This just looks amazing.

And it’s considerably cheap, too!


Still disapointed they haven’t made the B booster another kit or at least just an option set.

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I know, those legs plus the arms would be AMAZING!

you know, there might be a way to mod the T booster to become legs.
If I get it, I’ll mess around with it and see.

I doubt it. I have that kit and it would take a lot of customization and scratch building even if you just abandoned the leg articulation in that mode. I suppose someone could buy two and build a non transforming form of the legs.

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Maybe I’ll get three of them eventually: One to have as the kit is, and two to create an arms-and-legs version, and the spare guy could be used to help customize other gunpla.

Just a thought.

If you want then ok but that’ll be a pretty heavy custom especially if it transforms. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

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