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I need to get him

I had him, but I had to get rid of him for a move.
Same with my CW bruticus.

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I’m looking to put together the funds for a suitcase drum kit. 200 dollars shouldn’t be too hard, but at the same time, car savings


So, i'm thinking what to ask for Christmas, and I have these variants:

Full any toa Mata+ free damaged Dekar: 16 dollars
Full Bohrok+ free damaged Dekar ( not really too damaged, same seller as the Toa Mata): 7.35 dollars
Full Kalmah, no instructions:13.48 dollars
Gali/Onua Nuva, no instructions nor canister: 7.35 dollars
Radiak, no canister and instructions: 6.13 dollars
Hydraxonn, fingers and some Cordak blaster ammo missing+ some worthless pieces from 2001 Gali: 20 dollars

The seller also has 2006 Nuparu and 2007 Hahli,he didn't told me their price yet.

What do you think it's the best to get?

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@Toa_Radrix Hydraxon is a cool dude, I'd get him; it shouldn't be too hard to find pieces to replace his fingers.


That's true, other's opinions?

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Get Hydraxon.

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I'l say save your money and get the bohrocks. You don't have to pay for shipping, they are 100% complete with canisters and instructions, and you also get a damaged Dekar for free. But Hydraxonn is cool to, but he has a few missing pieces. But having your first Titan set would be cool though.

Bohrok is a good steal imo.

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Got to know only now that it was bought YESTERDAY BY SOMEONE ELSE.:neutral_face: Fewer options now

Get the Bohrock then. Who doesn't want to get a Dekar for free? :laughing:

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1/144 grumpier red beret and tiltrotor pack

2x 1/144 Leo npd

1/144 zaku 2 c/c-5

A building kit, stand, panel markers, and a cool weapon.

For weapons Bandai makes option kits and also I'd recommend these.

These option kits really help in posing

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Cool, thanks!

Saving for a Gibson Les Paul Junior, along with amps and a case for my bass


I ordered a Brutaka missing the sword,and vakama and suukorak, mainly complete.

of all the figmas i want, this is one of my most desired ones

unfortunately the cheapest i can find it atm is ~$170, not including shipping

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I'm just hoping figma makes all the konosuba girls. Either way I'm at least getting the core 3


Gundam PG 1/60 Zaku II
I have nowhere close to the amount of skill i need to build this, but...

it's so dang beautiful!
It'll be a long term goal, maybe after several MG and RG kits.
Heck, I only have finished 3 kits so far, I don't think I'm even ready for MG yet.

I currently want mostly all the Showra and 2 Heisei Godzilla movies.

MG 1/100 Geara Doga

and then a HG 1/144 RX-78-2 Revive and a tool kit for my friend and a HG 1/144 Crossbone Gundam Maoh for me. I'm going to introduce him to Gunpla.

Also, MG 1/100 Jegan.
But I won't have money for the two MGs for a while, at least until spring...