Stuff You Currently Want to Buy

They don’t have that one sadly… Any other suggestion from those I listed above?

If you have a phone or other portable device you could check out @TuragaNuva’s excellent link to download them as pdfs and read them on the go. Great tip.

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From the ones listed there, I’d recommend:

  • Tales of the Masks
  • The three Karda Nui books (Shadows in the Sky, Swamp of Secrets, the Final Battle)

There’s other good stuff in there too, but not necessarily good standalone stuff. For example, Prisoners of the Pit and City of the Lost are good, but I wouldn’t recommend them if you won’t also be able to get Downfall (the other book in the 2007 story arc).

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Good golly those prices are absurd. Don’t buy a single one if you value your money.


The Prices are in RON, not USD. 20 RON (the prices of most of the books) is equal to like 5$ :laughing:

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Legacy of Evil.

That’s still absurd! They’re worth about 3$ on Ebay

Well on eBay books like that are almost always used while this site seems to have them new or at least in good condition.

Okay, guess I better get one or two

As of right now…
The RG Exia is an amazing kit, and it has quenched my thirst for the best kit out there.
I don’t really feel the need to buy another one for the time being.

Right now?
Gorast, Krika and Onua Mistika
(My old one’s have crumbled, THATS THE ONE THING I HATE ABOUT THE MISTIKA!!)

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The problem is well… Shipping. On Ebay even if they go for 3$ shipping will always be more than the prince of the book, when on this site it’s like 1$ shipping and free if you order more of them.

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True. I’ve found amazing deals on eBay; until I saw the shipping cost.


I could always use more drum stuff lol

So Transformers Siege Ultra Magnus jumped up in price on Amazon recently, which threw off my plans, so this is what I’m gonna do instead.

MP Road Rage is on a crazy good sale on BBTS for about $48.

So I’ll wait the two weeks I was going to wait to get Magnus, and get her instead.

But if the deal goes away before I can afford the figure, my contingency is to get the complete Avatar The Last Airbender series on DVD.


Oh so we’re talking about transformers now are we?

I want this Shockwave and…

This Soundwave

I’m not a movie guy, my deception army is severely lacking and I love cars


He’s fantastic, definitely Worth the higher price

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Gunpla RG Amastu Hana and RG Amatsu Mina

They’re amazing, definitely worth the higher price.

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She and the black version are probably my favorite versions of masterpiece tracks. I love that figure and eventually I want to get the destron black version.

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DNA designs DS-02 Arashi.