Stuff You Currently Want to Buy

hhhhhhhhhh i can’t find her anywhere

and i can’t go with other m samus either, that one is vastly inferior
i want to death


Ahh so relaxing…

Is he good? I mean a good buy, I know Megatron is evil from a certain point of view…

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Yes, he’s excellent

NOOO! Now it’s going to be impossible to choose, whelp I’m glad I didn’t buy Shatter now :slight_smile: or are you gonna tell me she’s good too, maybe I’ll watch a review (a few minutes later) okay then Megatron it definitely is

Get Jetfire instead.

Yeah I’ve heard he’s pretty good.

looks at my collection of Swerve, ROTF leader Optimus, Smokescreen, Bumblebee, Skids and some rando tank autobot

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Yeah. SS Shatter is also very good.

Huh I heard one was great the other literally shatters!

I need this to go with ectotron.

Not to mention I don’t own any version of mp10 anyway.


I’m not going to get Ecto Tron, but this is honestly the only brand-deal mp-10 figure that really interests me.

A new ram for my pc. Also a bigger suitcase for my drum kit

Feral Rex.

I don’t know what transformer or super robot this is supposed to be if any but it looks so awesome.


Me and @Toa_Radrix have just started saving for T-1 Typoon VS T-Rex.

I want a BFSD round sound, but shipping is more than the actual thing.

How are you both saving for it?

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We plan on buying it together. It goes for like 120$ On Bricklink, so we decided to save for it together.

But like, do you know each other in real life? Are you going to share it

We are brothers and we live in the same house lol.

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My list is as follows:
Two lego harry potter sets
A keyboard