Stuff You Currently Want to Buy

You are? Now I feel weird…

Really? Awesome.

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I pray to god hasbro releases this beast normally after the crowdfunding. I can barely afford this thing anyway but at least normally you can save up for such a huge price.


Let’s be honest here: every single member of the TF fanbase wants him.

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That’s why I hope it’s not crowd fund only. I don’t even want to think about online prices if that’s the case. Do not pull the same stunt you do with other toys hasbro (looking at you TR clones.).

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MG 1/100 GM Sniper II

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Hi-res Astray Red Frame.

Same unrelated, but does anyone want to buy a kidney?


Why, are you selling a kidney?
I could always use a third.

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I want to get the big lego Stranger Things set, but that’s waaay out of my price range so I’ll just have to hope they release smaller ones.

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A switch lite,

and a copy of Time Trap,


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Perfect Hot Rod.

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This might help you:

i meant not on the internet.
but apparently I’m the only one who likes bionicle in the whole state of SC

I saving up for a switch becuase I really want sword and sheild but even for only 200 I feel like they removed too much to make it worth it over getting An original.

Eh, I would never play it on a TV and I’m not that much into the motion controls.

Whatever fits your preference.

Yeah. I might wait for reviews myself before deciding but right now I want an original.

Wait up a little and you can get the revised version, with three extra hours of battery life.

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All the Dino Attack sets that are left.