Stuff You Currently Want to Buy

I was thinking about it and that’s probably right. With my tv setup it’d be too much hassle to switch ports for console mode anyway.

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well I don’t live in SC but I’m working there currently

Really? neat, where are you located? Upstate, lowstate?


And now seize unicron us up for normal preorder; for 200$ more then the crowdfunding price


Cool! But how does he transform with those wings?

I’m guessing maybe 2 of the ring supports form the third part but I don’t know.
Though even if it is in 2021 I will not pay that price. I can barely afford the 150 down and that’s not even mentioning switch lite, furniture, etc that I want / need.

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Good! too few people have sales resistance. This is cool and all, bus is it 200$+ cool?

Nope. I mean 500 I could understand at least and might be willing to pay; 700 is too insane for a new release in 2 years. It’d like the lego Death Star bumping up the price for no reason.

I don’t even think most reviewers will buy it.

Which they did. Then they tacked on another 100 or so dollars when they added the updated figures.

for a second I thought this was a Lego Starkiller Base from Star Wars :stuck_out_tongue:

Now this is probably the best looking bleugeon third party or official. Leo prime is a maybe but I need bludgeon

And luckily iron factory is one of the cheaper third party companies.


A laptop and Siege optimus

Which Optimus?

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The normal looking one.

The voyager is great; I definitely want the cell shaded version of him and megatron. I’d still like to see a remodeled roof, uncovered back wheels, and longer smokestacks for a true G1 version. Like a budget mini masterpiece prime.


i have a lot of things i want to buy so here you guys can look at my wishlist

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I want to get a ride cymbal for my drum set now that I’m not limited to just the suitcase kit. I also need floor tom legs and a high tom mount

I wanna buy this, but its EXPENSIVE on ebay, since it’s out of print.

the Axis and Allies miniatures starter kit.


I really want to get Mythic Legions Kronnaw.

Maybe after I earn some more money I’ll wait for him to be released then get him.