Stylised Knightpriest [Such colour, much not only shading]

Yeah, Im bad at Doge jokes

Hello once again! After what @Nyran said about his Character beeing Actualy skinny it all escalated quickly!

Here is actual stylised King of priests

Lacks in lower legs and rest of his lance [?]

Stuff bellow!


Does this need to be a separate topic?

@Creep, couldn't you just rename your '"Somewhat" Stylised Kingpriest' topic, to 'Stylised Kingpriest', and post this picture over there?

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I could do it your way,
Yet.. lets just say its like 2 separate seasons of soap opera:
If I mix some stuff from one with another, timeline would be destroyed.


Technicaly this is third "Stylised..." episode and other one is something like [WiP] but mainly to get some response to make final one look good... I just got enaugh response is short time peroid.

Thats all

Opinions about drawing :?

Okay then, sure.

Once you've created a topic for the 'final one', can these separate topics be merged?

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As I said, it wouldn't be the greatest ide, to I can rename other one to prevent from future confusion, if thats good aswell

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Fine, I guess...

(It just seems a bit pointless to have separate update topics in the Creative Content category. I mean, that's why we allow double posts in this category, for updates)

I wanted to draw him next week
Got great idea
And drew him
So yeah
(That other topic name was changed)
but i still can ask you if youvlike the drawin' righte? c:

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I really like it, and am suffice to say, flattered, that you'd feel the desire and compulsion to draw a character of mine.

However, I do miss the shoulderpad on this version. I feel it really should add to the "oversized armor" vibe.

The body, head, and lower limbs are perfect, though.