Su-Elite Of Water

Su is the Elite of water, meaning she one of the best of her element, just behind the Guardians

One thing I like the most, is that Su is able have her weapon on her back

better look at the back

Well that’s it for now, not a lot to say, but let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


It’s unusual to see a moc use Nuva-Sholder sideways, the technic build flow well beside the lower legs.

I like it. Consistent colour scheme is always a plus. The only thing I dislike are the hands on her lower legs. whisper open socket joints

I don’t mind the nuvaboobs, I just don’t like hair.

I like that the innovative use of the Nuva boobs in an uncommon form of build.

I have no complaints. I want to try a variation of that torso design.

And no. I’m not talking about the nuvaboobs.

This is really cool, nice work :smile:

Nuva bobos… 0/10
Good creation, I love the colors.

Weapon storage. 10/10.

It looks interesting. Great job

I’d raise the shoulders slightly, and make the neck and upper arms just a little longer, but other than that she’s really solidly proportioned and the build flows nicely. :+1:

Despite the fact that she looks like she does not have a neck, this does look pretty good. Nice work!

You made Nuva-boobs and hair… work…?
What is this madness?

Seriously. Even with the hair and the Nuva-boobs, it actually looks very good.

The color scheme is very good.

She needs more trans blue, but it’s fine besides that.

How… how did you make Nuva boobs and hair work?

Groovy MOC man.

I got to say it looks very well done.
Though the hair just looks average.

I really like it!

The only thing is that I associate blue and white with a Toa of Lightning.

True, in the Bionicle lore. But with the story I’m written, I take some ideas from the Bionicle world (like the elements) and try to make something which is my own, which may have different ideas for colours of elements. If you know what I mean

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