Subforum suggestions

Hi, here are some ideas I have for some subforums:

Games for Creative Content:

Some of us, including me, would love to have a "games" section for Creative Content. It would be nice if I release a game I made over there rather then the other "games" section.

Site Bugs and Suggestions for Site:

This is one that I have been looking for when I posted the last bug report I made. This could also help other people post suggestions and bugs for the site without being confused.

This is all I have for now. Feel free to post your suggestions as well.


I think that those categories would definitely help out, mate. Hopefully TTV thinks so too.

Personally, I'm holding out for more categories as well. The sheer volume of "other" topics is becoming alarming.

Site Bugs is a great idea, I'll add that in. Note: you can also just have topics filed under a specific forum; for instance, games can just go under the "Creative Content" category.

Our main thing is that we don't want to have a lot of categories that won't get used. If there are a bunch of games coming out, we'll make the games subcategory.


I would love if they made sub forums for fan created BIONICLE/LEGO related games and music.

Seems kinda superfluous. Things of that nature could just go in Creative Content.

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Good point. Sorry, I'm new here and there's still a few things I'm trying to figure out.

I think all of us could be called "new here" smiley

Well that's nice to know. smile

I think a count of who's online would be nice. Or something that says when someone was last active.


Not the best place to put this, but I can't find anywhere better.
Mafia games, there are a lot popping up. Might be best if only Masters could host them, as they would be better equipped to handle them.


I agree with this.