Subject 42 revisions

I’m back! Now with a cobbled-together lightbox. I really wasn’t happy with the last rendition of Moc- Subject 42 so I decided to give its arms and legs some major attention based on the feedback I got on the last iteration. Along with that, I added some bone spikes to help mesh the rest of the body with its teeth and I fixed a few areas where pieces were stressed or weren’t secure enough.

Aside from the moc itself, I also wanted to improve my picture quality. Using some references, I built a lightbox out of a box and some tissue paper, so the quality is not the best. I would love to hear feedback on my revisions, but I would also love some feedback on the lighting and how I can improve it. Thanks!



I like it. Is it in inspired on any animal?

Not any animal, I’d say more Resident Evil monsters like the Moulded.

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It’s like it has four sets of pectorals.

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Hah! Not what I was going for though.

I like the use of those Chima wheels in the spine, I haven’t seen that before, but it makes the torso way too long imo. Maybe making the limbs longer or torso shorter by one segment would help? Other than that really nice MOC!

Thanks! I actually did make the limbs larger than the original moc, but I still wanted the torso to look like it was too long for its own good. Kind of like if the spine is erupting or something. I do understand where you are coming from, though and I will take proportions into consideration more as I move forward.

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