Sukeru/Drift punk sketch

i might color this eventually

EDIT: guys i’d appreciate if you gave me some feedback instead of just liking this


It’d look great colored.
You should probably give Drift Punk some kind of aura, though.
Where’re their feet?

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Pretty decent, though the linework’s a bit messy and the composition leaves something to be desired.

I think my first point is pretty self-explanatory, but I’m going to go ahead and elaborate on what you could possibly do to make that composition more interesting. Your biggest problem is that your drawing looks flat. To fix this, I recommend that you try doing it with some proper perspective and more dynamic poses.

This is what you have:

Whereas if you put one of the figures closer to the observer, you can make it a bit more dynamic and visually interesting.

If you’re set on the whole symmetry motif though I suppose you could also give them proper shading

This, at least, gives the illusion of depth.

Hopefully that helps a bit.