Suniera Crystal Welder Master

Suniera Master Crystal Welder Of Air female, she is one of those gental kind master that cares for her student(s) but when it comes to fighting enemies she too fast and hardcore against them. She also enjoys it.


It looks pretty good! But pretty skinny

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Thats the piont

Since, I assume, this is your MOC, can you upload the image without the DA watermark?

I love me some gental peepl

Wouldn’t want to mess with someone who is so too fast and hardcore

Jokes aside, the MOC itself is too bleh. Not enough diversity and uniqueness into it to make it unique. And the background looks horrible, change it.

Please do.


Moved to Lego Creations

Yes i can but i will not

And why exactly not? without proof that you can do that, we don’t have any idea if these MOCs are actually yours, so for the sake of proving it’s your own, please do.

The textures clash and all the different types of green along with the background make this an eyesore.

Gonna have to agree with Saxton here, your background should really contrast more with the MOC itself so it’s easier to see (plus large swathes of neon colors aren’t very pleasant to look at). Also, a watermark doesn’t really do anything unless it’s covering the important parts of the image, right now it’s covering mostly background and could easily be edited out.

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Very well then if you want to see the original and steal it fine but ill know who it was.

No one is going to steal it…