Suns of the Matoran Universe

I have no doubt this question, or one similar to it, has been asked before, but I was unable to find it: what is the nature of the lighting systems within the Matoran Universe, outside of Metru Nui? Very little was made by other islanders of Metru Nui’s day/night cycle, so I presume it was not unique to Metru Nui, and that other islands had something comparable.

The twin suns, of course, are unique to some extent, but how much?

Does Stelt, for example, have two more-conventional suns, or one?

Does it have no ‘sun’ at all, and a lamp-lit system of lightstones with no central focus?

If so, does the lighting of the lightstones occur simultaneously, or do they turn on in a slow arc, reminiscent of a sun travelling across the sky?

On a large enough landmass—the southern continent, for one—could the lighting system create a sort of earthlike climate system, with a hotter centre and colder edges, or is the lighting evenly spread?

Are all lighting systems coordinated? Do they switch on together, or can Metru Nui island be night and Artidax day? What kind of temperature variance can be expected between domes? I assume some, as some places may need to be hotter and colder than others; Metru Nui as a microcosm.

I have no doubt some have been answered before, and some have not, and am grateful for any help anyone can give me! (This is indeed intended for the ask category, not ask Greg, if anyone is wondering)


I found these:


Huge help, thanks so much!

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