I’m really terrible at naming MOCs, but then again I never really thought it necessary, either. Anyway, this is one of my first attempts at making female MOCs, so here goes.

Long legs are long.

I’m not much of a storyteller either, so I can’t explain why she has all those golden krana on her like that- I just thought it was a cool idea, so I rolled with that.

Her weapons are based off on one of Kongu’s from the BIONICLE Heroes game. It looks like a double-barelled leafblower with a blade mounted below it.

Her latest appearance after some addition of details and fingers, and a slightly different weapon.


I like everything but the legs, as you say, are long.

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Everything is really cool. I especially love the sun thing made out of the golden krana. My only complaint is the mask. The color just doesn’t match anything else in the build. I had the same opinion for every set featuring that mask. But besides that, pretty good.


Great work. Legs are just really long.

What masks would you suggest?

Maybe the navy ruru from the Karzahni set, or a gold mask (Great Hau maybe?). I guess a white mask could work too.

i’d recommend shortening the l e g s my dude

Pretty much what other people have said about the legs are my only real qualm with this.
Looks really cool otherwise.

The long legs are too long, but the rest of the moc is awesome!

Like others have stated, the legs are long - but not by too much. Shortening them at the knees and again at the ankles by 1 unit (I dont know what the unit of measurement for Technic parts are) should help bring it to a closer-to-realistic scale, but again - it isn’t as far off as others make it out to be.

I for one like the mask too. I’ve never been a fan of that mask particularly, but I don’t have an issue with the colour. I’m not sure if that shade of blue is a colour Lego has used for any other parts, but I think it might be worth looking into to see if you could add any more of it anywhere else as an accent colour, but I think it looks just fine as is.

I really love this: it has an old school feel to it. It reminds me of something you’d see in the “Dark Hunters” or “Rahi Beasts” books.

Also, as you said, the legs are too long, but not by much in my opinion. I actually really like the long-legged look.

Something you might consider: put the sun thing directly in the middle behind her. I think it would make her look even better.

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Personally, I love the mask. I think it looks good on it. But I agree that it is the wrong color.

Mask doesn’t fit but using the Krana for the sun thing is a great Idea.


I like the long legs, it’s just the feet that bug me.

Would be great without the Nuva boobs. :confused:

This is good. I say keep the long legs, but place the nuva armor pieces a bit lower and reduce the width of the feet by a half.

I especially love the krana wheel?. The legs however are way to long and the feet could be smaller. The guns also look quite good qnd the colorscheme is appealing but the color blockage could be better, and I’d just drop the silver entirely except for the weapons.

Overall a solid moc with some really cool ideas in there but with glaring issues that although not hindering the positives, are distracting but still could be improved.

Hope I didn’t come off to harsh.

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Wby isnt the circle thing on the back in the middle?

Looks like Nokama got an upgrade. My only issue is the watery feel of the Great Rau, which I wish was released in multiple colors, not just blue (Did the Toa Metru ever swap masks like the Mata or Nuva? I don’t think they did). I would definitely replace that with a gold mask, probably a Hau because it has a firey motif to it. With the mask and the eyepiece, again, this looks like if Nokama got a massive sun powerup. I know that this is not Nokama.