Super President Blue! Don't Forget That!

Ever feel like your MOC is the most powerful in the universe(s)? Well you shouldn’t because Super President Blue has more power in “space politics” then you. This guy runs a corporation so big the he only has a few… thousand rivals who claim to be better then him. HA HA. This guy can also channel any element or ability as long as his base can generate it. He wears a fancy gold and white badge on his right shoulder. (I hear wind could knock this guy down)

Fighting Pose:

Ment this one:


In all seriousness this guy is just a hunky chunky piece of egotistical metal.
C&C is always welcome
(I don’t think he’s the best MOC every I just wanted to poke fun at a cliche :stuck_out_tongue: )


This is nice, I like the colours you’ve chosen, they work well together. I like the shaping the pohatu nuva claws give to the torso. Not sure what you should do with the legs, but if I could suggest spining the lower arms 180 deg unless your going to fill them and I think this might be a rare case when a cape would work well. Good job :+1:

The legs are very spindly. I like the bulkiness of the shoulders, so I’d recommend thickening up the legs.

Missed this, sorry.

Still stands :stuck_out_tongue:

@Boxxer Thanks for the cape suggestion, I added one

@Joe I thickened legs after finding a design I like

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