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I know we’ll never get him, but I still think Monokuma could be a cool fighter

Maybe an assist trophy? :eyes:

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It’s my dream to get Bandana Dee, and I almost positive I’m going to get him.

I wish we could get tails and fossil fighters in somehow. Tails has never even been an assist trophy, and Fossil Fighters is the most underrated series ever.

I don’t think we’re getting anything from a game we already have or anything Nintendo for this final DLC fighter, if they follow the pattern they seem to have been.

So, FF is out, but Tails still counts. He’s not nintendo, and we don’t have him yet.

But Tails is from Sonic, who already is in the game

Well there doing more dlc after the first fighters pass is over. Most likely it’ll just be first party characters.

I know, I’m speaking solely about the fifth in the pass.

still holding out hope for waluigi

Oh. In that case you are correct. I see zero chances for a Nintendo character to be the fifth.

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During the 2018 Game Awards, Reggie stated all fighters in the season pass will be from a series never added to Smash before. (the source of the tweet was deleted)

However post seasonal pass isn’t ruled out yet.


Okay, so my theory was right! Cool!

Here comes SNK

Sad that the first Howard in Smash isn’t Todd

we been bamboozled

More indie rep stuck as mii costume.


For a second I thought Cuphead was the last character and I got super excited. Mii Costume is still cool, though.

my tears


To be honest, it was only a matter of time before we got a FE: Three Houses character. I am rather disappointed it’s Byleth though.

To be honest I was expecting Claude.

He would add some much need variety to FE’s repertoire.


Eh, if there was one thing we didn’t need it was another Fire Emblem character with a sword… which is exactly why I find it hilarious that it’s exactly what we got. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I, for one, am always for more FE, but yeah, another sword was unnecessary. There were 3, equally prominent characters, each wielding an axe, bow, or lance, that would have perfectly viable.