Supernatural experiences

But could you move?

I did until the Shadow Man came at me screaming.

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i see dead people

they dont know they’re dead


Neither do you.


[quote=“RECspiriah, post:7, topic:9276”]
I saw a Shadowy Man at the doorway and I couldn’t move.
[/quote]Sleep paralysis probably

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It’s not sleep paralysis.
Look at my comments above you.

sleep paralysis.

that was sleep paralysis.

I did move when I saw him.
But when he started screaming and came over to hold me down.
I couldn’t move.
It’s not sleep paralysis I say.
And @Payinku look at post 22.

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[quote=“LGNui, post:16, topic:9276, full:true”]
one time, I saw this figure moving the same way I was. everywhere I went, it kept following me and did the same exact thing I did. then, I realized, it was just my shadow…:stuck_out_tongue:
[/quote]Anyone remember when this joke was original?

me neither.


The only thing that I can remember is waking up one day and seeing this shadow next to the door. I immediately closed my eyes and covered myself with my blanket. Though I do remember being very paranoid back then.

Oh, and I always felt that someone was watching me while I slept. And there was this strange sound at night, as if someone was dragging their clothes through the house.

Man, was that house scary.

I am a supernatural experience.



patting head sure you are :3


Don’t mess with the ghostssssss

we’ll getche