Supressor Peripheroid and Occuli Peripheroid Constraction (Iron marines Inspired)

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(art station [a safe website]) as TTV site keeps rotating and squishing my pictures, probably because of their high resolution: preview pic with lower resolution here

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We have two fairly mini mocs here:
First up we have the Supressor fairly based on the in game enemy of the same name, I had to swap out a few colours, as there isn’t enough variety in the available existing translucent pink pieces for the shaping of the arms that I wanted so I opted for translucent neon orange instead, notice the arms are almost completely trans orange save for a few connector pieces that hold them together, he doesn’t have any legs as he is a Robot that flies with a rocket emission section at the bottom of his torso (so I gave him a simple stand for display), and I opted the actual dull silver for gunmetal- titanium colour of ccbs. Despite being small, he has quite complex details and micro-builds in his various sections, the basis his torso was originally meant to be a custom foot for another future moc of mine… I had quite a lot of fun with his torso and arm shaping and his energy shield and laser sections. Notice the details behind the blue Bionicle visor.
The second is the Peripheroid Occuli which features something I always wanted to do: to have 3 ccbs armor pieces placed together lengthwise in a radial manner, with one edge slightly interlocking over the other. A fun little build that also features a laser and complex inner frame.


That’s pretty cool! I like those use of all those trans neon orange parts!

Verrry nice color balancing!

Odd but interesting.

Thanks all I appreciate it!!!