Surack, son of the sun

Surack, came from the sun, but in time evil possessed him, he became a criminal without any mercy. Captured by security, a lot of times, he escaped all the times with his amazing skills. He stole an ultrasonic machine gun,terrorizing people. Will someone stop him?

Eye target

His claw can help him hold the gun



So, this is it. Encouraging comments are appreciated. Thanks!
And got it? Son of the sun? Ha


He’s quite a mess, and I think part of that is the clashing textures. Some of him’s sleek, bright and smooth, other parts are heavily greebled and metallic. His feet are really big, especially near the back. I would also prefer if you used the ‘Nitroblast’ side of the head, as he looks a bit too much like Jetbug.

That said, his colour scheme is mostly consistent (Save the different shades of Yellow), and his backstory seems ok.

Title edited for capitals
~It’s only logical

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At least he is not son of Nun :stuck_out_tongue:


At least he has a neat custom torso

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The suns son had a son and that son was the son of the son of the sun

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I like his weapons and his torso!

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Thanks all!