Surge XL/Surge the Destroyer (BIONICLE VS Hero Factory: Apocalypse)

This is the first in a series of MOC topics relating to my upcoming feature film, BIONICLE VS Hero Factory: Apocalypse. It should release summer next year on my YouTube channel sillypplproductions2. Why is this important? Well, because that “Apocalypse” part of the title is because of this guy:


I actually had this idea for years now, I just never had the skills to make a MOC this large (taller than the original Toa Kaita). Yes, it’s technically not all mine, but Umarak’s design was perfect for what I wanted to make, so I borrowed some elements (portions of the torso, the hands, the middle leg section) to create this MOC.

DISCLAIMER: On my channel, Surge is an ax-crazy, anti social idiot who loves electricity and has no regard for the safety of others, simply because he doesn’t know he’s endangering them. He was originally a parody of his mildly whiny and annoying personality from the TV specials, but evolved to include the traits above. So now that you know that, here is why Surge has that white material on him:

The horrific thing he is wearing is his Halloween costume from last year (and this year, probably).

What is the white material both versions of Surge are wearing?
The person who gets it right gets the grand prize of nothing!
@ManeBionicleGali & @MataNuiNuva cannot participate since they already know what it is.




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Wow, that was fast.

Pretty close, at least in terms of thickness and fragility

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Paper or tissue or napkin and the moc looks really nice

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It is a kind of paper, yes. Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

did you drop him into your toilet… /s


Maaaaaaaaaaaybe… :stuck_out_tongue: Why?

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Because you were part of the original topic (and the DM chat).

Paper towel?

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Nope, thinner than that (but it is used for cleaning).

Oh. Toilet paper? That’s the only other thing I can think of with that kind of texture.

(also, gr8 moc btw)


Tissue paper.

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the toilet paper really fits the theme.

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Thanks! :smiley:



Is Surge wearing Toilet Paper? (I didn’t look if that’s the answer)
I like this MOC.
It’s Umarak the Destroyer.
Back when Hero Factory was a thing Surge was my favorite hero.
(I don’t know why I just have Original Surge tho)
I like the use of the Storm Beast chest plate also


Yup! Only 5 squares, surprisingly.

Pretty much, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue: Except he has a neck that works. :anger_right: :gun:

Wooooooo thanks man! The Storm Beast chest was just one of the those MOCing “ah-ha” moments where you have a piece that’s perfect for the space you need to cover.

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After a particularly…embarrassing incident at the Hero Factory lavatory facilities, Hero Surge, in a fit of tears and humiliation, supercharged his core and transmogrified into this lethal threat, shortly destroying all Heroes who laughed at him. He is now roaming the streets, searching for the man known as Joseph Gayetty…


Lol This backstory is better than what I had planned originally (except the Gayetty part, that’s just funny). Some parts are similar enough to my original idea about this MOC, so I’ll think I’ll use small portions of this in the second draft.

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I’d be fine with the TP, if it didn’t make his primary color of blue become just an accent color

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