The name means “stalker” in Japanese.

Mask is 3D printed from Shapeways. The elbows are printed as well.

I painted the mask with Folk Art brand paints - Christmas green for the face. Then I dry brushed it with Citadel brand neon green to give it a slight glowing look.




I love the mask… and, well, just about everything else!

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That mask is one of the coolest ones I’ve seen. Really fits the MOC, which is also well done.

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The MOC is really cool and I like those kind of names that mean something in other langages. The custom mask adds a lot, too.

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Excellent moc and well painted mask, looks really eerie.

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Excellent MOC

About the name though, that’s probably not what that means. It’s just a japanisation of an English word. Google translate isn’t great when it comes to Japanese. Kyokan might be a better fit.


Thanks! What is Kyokan?

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Sick use of that mask print. The mask of conjuring has such a cool design, shame there was never an official one made.

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I love the colors and the arm blade, man I love trans bright green so much