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SAO is one of my favorite animes out there, and i'm pretty confident at least some of ya watch it. How has everyone liked the show so far? How are people enjoying season 2? Discuss!


Honestly, I hate season two. It was crap compared to the 1st one...


Well, I wished season 1 was just that arc, now calling it SAO is dumb. I feel like GGO is a better name now

Just to be clear, are you referring to ALO, the fairy arc (which some people mistake for S2) for GGO, the gun arc?

Yeah I'm talking about ALO

Oh, yea I agree ALO was very bad :/ Try GGO, the new season, it's VERY well done so far

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I need to watch GGO. Read some of the manga for it and the style is good. I honestly liked both arcs of the first SAO, ALO I felt was fine, but not as good as the first.

so far the anime has been handled VERY well

S2 is slow but so was the novel, the second half of Phantom Bullet is a lot more smooth.
After that it'll be amusing to see the reaction to Mother's Rosario.

Why do people read the manga, it's a light novel series.

I'll refrain myself from commenting too negatively. If you like SAO, that's good.
I just wish season 1 (the first 25 episodes) hadn't included ALO, and had just been the SAO mmo.

I completely agree

Am I the only one who actually liked the ALO arc? I mean, it wasn't near as good as the original SAO, but it was still pretty emotional, especially the end.

I liked ALO, just feel it could have been handled a bit better.

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SAO is an anime that I have to turn my brain off for, but when I do that, I LOVE IT! And even when I notice problems about the show, I can easily get over it, and still enjoy the show. SAO ll so far is I think the best season. They actually used charter development... sadly its not on kirito. But I am not disappointing in the show.

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SAO is the only anime that airs here in aus, and started recently on ABC3...

I am yet to watch it.

Oh well, Time to start.

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Look on crunchyroll.com I think. I watch it there.

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I just started watching SAO despite me being interested in it for a while. I have watched all the way up to the most recent episode in two days (Thanks weekend!). The first section of ALO was ok until the ending which was disturbing. Anyway really enjoying it so far. Cant wait for the next episode.

Yep, ALO was awful. While season 2 hasn't been AS good as arc one, I still watch it for pure entertainment. I admit, there was a day when SAO was my my favorite anime, but those roles have been long replaced by other things smile I still enjoy SAO, but the story isn't the best.

Agreed, Kirito has way too much plot armor.


You. You're alright.

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