Sylok the banished one (self moc)

My self moc: Sylok the banished one
Before he was banished from the brotherhood Sylok worked as a scientist with Mutran and Chirox but unlike them Sylok favored cybernetics over making new rahi so in fear thay banished him. ever since he has hunted toa and brotherhood alike. some time after the battle at the swamp of secrets he found out Mutran survived and went to investigate only to find a dieing Chirox in a swift hate filed swipe he killed him and took his shelek and kept his old mask along with others he collected around his waste. using the knowledge of Chirox he mutated his body that along with his cybernetics he became very powerful after this he took over Chirox’s old lab and began science… hope you all enjoy this is my first post


Sorry, bud. Very rarely has someone asked for a Moc Spotlight and got it.

As for the moc, its pretty neat, but a bit sloppy. My favorite part is the sheild.


How would you say I could improve then I’m quite new to mocking on this scale

Its only happened twice if I’m not mistaken.

Not gonna lie, I expected the boss/meme from Destiny.

This looks good, but the limbs are a little thin.

Lol I couldn’t think of name and me and my mates where doing PoE so I stole his name

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Unless @Lord_Tuma makes the same claim

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My iconic question for Makuta posts:
Is he a Makuta Phantoka, or a Makuta Mistika?

Phantoka but in more recent versions I have made he has lost his wings here’s a pic of him now

I disliked his old weapon so made a new sword I’m trying to design good wings or a jet pack like the Toa phantoka

Hey, can you send me a message with a how to for the torso?

If you have tumblr my tumblr has a lot more of my mocs and it has a tutorial for the torso there its called basicbioniclemocs if you don’t have tumblr tell me how to send messages I’m New to the ttv bords

I don’t have one. Press on my icon, and there you will se a blue button named “message”.
Click there, upload you images, and then you are done!