System Beast Project: Toka Beast of earth

so here he is Toka beast of earth
i took a lot of inspiration from to 2015 onua

The metallic parts on the arm are imitating the hammer/shoulder pad parts on onua 2015


I really like this guy, with his nice color scheme and awesome-looking forearms. :smile:

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If you didn’t tell me this was a “beast of earth” I would have just thought that it was a purple koala robot. Needs “earthy” elements, or rocky textures so that it looks more in tune with its element

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ya i was going for 2015 onua color scheme

He looks like Domo and Terak had an adorable little bat baby. :slight_smile:


Like @Rockho said, he could use more earthy textures like crystals and what not, but the overall stature is appropriate and I love the look of his face.

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I like the face

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