System Matoran Mech Suit

so based from the image showed in the art book with humans behind a toa i have created a mecha that those humans would fight in. seeing as its based from a human and not a minifigure is not purposed to fir a minifigure or fit with that ascetic or anything.
it is able to extend the arms (i only built one of these add ons) it has rocket thrusts and booster to propel into action but not fly and the mecha works with hand on hand combat and strength/ speed of fire power and long range. its design while bulky in the arms is sleek and swift looking in the shapes and legs. it also has full movement all round including; swivel head. ball joint shoulder pads so not to hinder arm movement. T joint shoulders and elbows and with the option of an additional one by two tile a swivel hand. each finger also moves independently. it uses mixels joint at the hips knees and feet and has hinged toes.


For being only 3 colors it seems very messy. Also very wide shoulders.

the shoulder thing is part of the style

but cheers for the comments it really helps a lot

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Yeah, just doesn’t look like it could hold a human like that. Not really the problem though.

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Oh. The people are smaller than I thought.

i can for sure see what you mean with the messy thing id like to say its because they dont care about the design in colour etc but it would be a lie lol

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It looks good, but it doesn’t seem like it could fit a minifig.

It’s a matoran mecha suit based from concept art from the art book where you can see humans so there for, no minifgures and bionicle.

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This is a pretty cool looking mech suit. A lot of times you’ll see too many flimsy or questionable connections on suits of this scale, but from what I see, it’s all held together quite well.

The one thing that I think could be fixed is the messiness of the lower arms, especially since the rest of the MOC is fairly smooth.

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Somehow I really love this

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