System Mokarr moc

The Mokarr is a sentient motorcycle with organic components hailing from the GALIDOR line. The actual set was never released, save for a few extremely rare prototypes. It made only one appearance in the GALIDOR TV show, being discovered by Nick in Area 51 of all places.

I’ve never seen anyone make a minifigure-scaled Mokarr before, so I wanted to be the first. All of these pieces exist in the colors shown here, so eventually I’ll part this out on BrickLink. Until then, I thought it would be fun to imitate the original render of the toy.

CC is always appreciated.


It looks pretty accurate, nice job!

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If you can’t buy it, build it!

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I actually DID buy it a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:


I made some small changes, including a Nick Bluetooth mid-glinch


I love this so much, I’ve always thought the mokarr had a really cool design, and seeing it replicated in minifig form is thrilling.

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I have no idea what this is, but it looks great. Makes me think Spider-Man.

Guys, this is basically confirmation that all of the prototypes are in Area 51. We have to raid it now.

This looks super neat, but also weird and wacky enough that learning that it’s from Galidor does not surprise me at all. Cool MOC!