Ta Koro Gate Defense (Brickonicle contest entry)

An evil Rahkshi is attacking! Help Tahu and Nuri defend Ta Koro by firing the stud shooters to drive back Makuta’s minion. But watch out for the volcano’s eruptions! Includes Tahu, Nuri, and a Rahkshi.

Ta Koro Gate Defense
312 Pieces
$30.00 (USD)

The gate:

Top view:



The mini-volcano:

If you press down fast on the black tile sticking out the back, cylinder pieces shoot out.

The minifigs:

Other shots:

Note: the side walls and watch tower things can be moved as you wish, utilizing ball joints and hinge plates.


I really like this, my only complaint is that Tahu doesn’t feel like Tahu, but I understand the limitations there. Other than that, I really like the atmosphere given off, and that Rakshi looks pretty cool.


Nice! I like the shaping of the gate and wall, for the piece count it really seems solid.
The Rahkshi looks good, although perhaps a bit of colour is in order?
Lerahk would fit thematically, so maybe some Metru Green? The microbuild itself looks good though.

Impressive function! I like the idea or a little lava-geyser or the like.

The minifigs are a bit meh, but then again, they really do require remolded masks and nexo-knights armour.

Great job! This would be a definite buy for $30 (or $40 for us Aussies :stuck_out_tongue:)


In order for this to count as entered, you’ll need to post a link to your entry in the contest topic, not the other way around. =P


Oh. Thanks Eljay!

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This look pritty good, to the point were in it actualy do look like something LEGO would have made.

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Very nice. I like the Rahkshi.

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(I have brick built brethren now)

In al seriousness. This moc is pretty solid. The features are nice. The only things I don’t like are the fact that the rahkshi has two spears instead of a staff and the matoran feels a bit… off to me. A minifig head would probably be better there.

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Thanks for the constructive critizism, Zero. I debated with myself if I should give it a staff or spears. I decided on spears because it kept movement in the arms that would have been lost if I gave it a staff to be held with two hands. As for the matoran, I experimented with many minifigure heads, but none that I had looked quite right.


The Rahkshi, Tahu and Nuhrii don’t really resemble much of their original con terparts here, but it’s understandable given the limitations. The gate looks really cool, and the mini-volcano is a nice little addition, with a cool function.

Awesome, I like the look of the gate itself and the mini volcano. The Rahkshi too has a nice design.

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kinda simple,but it looks really good
i could really see this as a set


Looks really good, and also believable as a set.

Nice little think.

Definitely would fit right in alongside other brick built sets released in 2003. Nice job! I particularly like Nuhrii.


Consider that fixed. Thanks for the correction.

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