Table scraps and projects

Hey guys I am letting y’all get a glimps at what I am working on. On top of that I have a few smaller Mocs I made with small pieces, let me know you favorite tablescrap, and why it is your favorite. On top also leave in your comment if you would be interested in seeing some of my half completed projects completed or used in something else. And alowats remember that tips for improvement are always welcomed!
First we have a small centaur inspired creature

Next we have some quadpeid creature, something I made as a robot mutated dog, his name is now doggo…

With a little hovering glider I built for Okuna my matorian self moc, he can hover around his workshop.

Now onto future projects. My first project is a four armed construction mec. He will have a chainsaw arm, hook/grabber arm, a wielding arm, and mabey a second chainsaw arm not sure for the fourth one. He only is only about half way build, meaning legs and two arms. The legs may change and I am working on adding more orange into the scheme.

Next is an almost completed Makuta Gorist moc. There will be a claw on the left bottom arm, and I am going to add wings.

To finish things off with a bang, I present my mega cannon (not the actual name) it features an ice spear launcher and middle launcher on the bottom. Pleas pay no attention to the charater, he is of no importance right now.


For tablescraps, these are really cool. I am especially exited to see how Gorast turns out.

Thanks I am not sure how much more I am really going to add. I want to add some nice wings, but in reality I am not so sure hey will work out as I think they will.